Recruiting for BT (and more!)

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Hello! <Dumpling Gremlins> is a Cerulean Order clan looking for active players to join our static BT (Skybreak Spire) raid group as subs/reserves! At the moment, we're preferring blue buffs, but any class will be accepted. We're also recruiting for future raids/endgame progression/PvX content, so everyone is welcome. :D Our goal is to assist clan members with their progression, clear new content, and have fun in the game!


Requirements for our BT raid group specifically:

We currently raid on Saturdays from 7PM to 11PM PST.

Please note: if you join our  raid group, please be patient and anticipate wipes, as we'll be a fresh raid group.

  • 800AP with HM stat points
  • Be active and committed!


Bidding rules for BT:

  • Soulshields starting bid price: 50g
  • Accessories starting bid price: 300g
  • You may only bid for your respective class' elemental accessories/soul shields.


Shoot me a message on Discord (Mercynary#4629) if you're interested in joining, or if you have any questions! You can also find me in-game - my in-game name is Mercynary. Looking forward to hearing from you! ^^

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So I am currently coming back to the game and am looking to s tart kind of fresh. Imma super fast leveler and have a couple chars to sponsor my new one. I was wondering if there would be  room for a player like that?

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