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How do you fight Soul Fighters?

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Not even sins are a problem for me anymore, as much as soulfighters. They're so erratic to the point where I can't read them and just don't know what theyre going to do next. Are they considered a class counter? Even if they are, I need help. 

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Sins are much harder for me than SF, at least since the last couple of months. But there are so few SF around that it's hard to be sure.


Some thoughts:

- SF will try to use their max HP buff early on so that they can wait out CC chains without having to tab. You might want to stall and preserve CC during this phase, hence I prefer ice guard over blue buff.

- Their elbow smash is not like ours, it's a defense skill so you can use it to triple kick. Try to keep close to the SF so you can actually get hits in. The most annoying fights are when they manage to stay in middle distance.

- Keep your tab for when they use frozen tundra if you can

- disengage / iframe / ice guard during their long focus chi resist

- since they only have one escape like we do, predicting their tab is one of the most important mind games. Try to punish early tabs with well executed 2RFs-CC chains and late tabs with searing palm debuff + air combo

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