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Skyrift or Pulse Mystic Badge

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Hi all,

I am trying to decide between Skyrift and Pulse Mystic badge and wanted to get some opinions. Which one would be better for a flame KFM? I was thinking Skyrift but Pulse is also good lol. hard to choose.


Thank you in advance!


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1. For Wind KFM you USUALLY go baleful for the cyclcone dmg but the CDR on roaring tiger coupled with the Soul badge (blue) can work.

2. Out of the 2 badges the one that gives a Dmg boost to cyclone kick on successful comet strike seems to be you best bet. (SKyrift)




3. Depending on how you laydown your rotation you can prolly go with 1 cyclone inbetween each comet outside of burst (2rf4f4f2rf) 

4. Im a fire player so feel im not the best to deliberate on wind o/



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1. Yes I like the blue badge with Seraph more because I feel RF gives me much more boost over 2RF than 9% baleful cyclone damage would. But it makes me miss out on the magnum badge and if Shiro is recommending it for wind build I might reconsider...


2. Yes was suspecting SKyrift because it seemed the only one to actually involve a wind core skill. But it is horribly expensive in Raven Feathers for me. =_='

I just did not know how I could actually profit from it maximally so thank you for linking the Shiro video (and thank you Shiro!). I was mulling over wind burst anyway and this now makes much more sense.


3. I think Shiro is going 4FR in the video for the whole burst. But you mean to put in two 2RFs between comet refreshes, right? So it would be 2rf4rf4rf2rf. 2rf4f4f2rf would cost a lot of focus (-6 per cycle, instead of -2).


4. No please I thank you for giving me the advice. For a casual like me, that's already big help. ^_^


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