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Your inventory better not be full!!

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So I bid on a mirage crystal thinking I had them in my inventory and they would stack. Oops. Well, because I didn't have inventory space, the game PUNISHED ME by not letting me participate in the rest of the auction AT ALL or give me any of the money from the rest of the auction. What the?!?!?! It didn't work like that before. Is this nonsense intentional? Were too many people bidding with full inventories or something? If we do this by accident, why not have the item just appear in our overflow inventory??

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It always worked like that, just like when you open a box with items that should stack but if your inventory is low it goes to overflow inventory - except bids don't. And yes, if your inventory is full when you win bid you get blocked from it, and the worst thing is - party leader gets to decide if he wants to reauction the item or just throw it away. If you don't read the prompt you will likely throw the item away because the position of the option is on the same place as confirmation button.


This is why the game won't let you bid with full inventory - if you fill it during the winning bid this is what happens. Everyone learns the hard way...

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