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SF is weak or am i stupid?

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So,before the update i was 678 ap with constant 28k(40 in sb and bb)...now with 801 ap 21k constant...and the damn dragonfury(previous F now RMB) is only while C is used,not more chi spam....what the hell is this,is earth build better now?

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Its too early to tell in terms of the long run of dps, but its seems like the damage of SF has increased (atleast to me). Keep in mind that this is from the perspective of someone with the Blue Moon Soul Badge, but with Dragonfury only usable with Focus Chi, this forces me to just keep spamming RMB and 2-F when i use Frost Storm, which stacks my chi, which lets me use Frost Storm again 3 - 4 seconds early than before (its one of our most powerful moves. the sooner we can use it, the higher our dps). Dragonfury's elemental damage buff kiiiiiinda makes up for its use limit (more than 50% crit needed), but if we have a warlock on our side, and save the Focus Chi/Awakened Dragonfury for their Soulburn, we do hate crime levels of damage. Enough to take aggro away from alot of non BM tanks for me atleast. 3 Tomb runs were ruined because of me.....it was not fun >:(

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i just got back intoo the game after a break.

i was hearth broken when i discovered i couldn't use my dragon punch combo anymore.

then i hit k to see what was new and i noticed i could only choose earth or frost mode.(like ice better)

i used to mix them if i recall correct.

then it became clear that about everything was changed not just to sf but also sin.

even tho my sin is nab it's way easier now XD.


i love some changes.but i don't think sf ever was overpowered in any form.

ppl kept saying sf was OP in pvp but later i heard they were crap.

i never rlly got intoo pvp.but open world got forced on me a bit at times.

i kind of was the off tank often in asura if i could take agro and i got carried quite the bit.

wonder if this can still be done bec it is nice to be able to assist since sf isn't that squish at all.

but if i get into the new bns i might attempt to hit at least 800 ap and a lot more critrate then i got atm.

still need to test dungs bec i am curious to find out what has changed more and i want to know the last part of the story.

the mechanics still feel strange atm so i can't rlly tell if sf got stronger or not.

some combo's seem easy and you get guide quests for them and redo them also.


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Its sad that Dragonfist isnt in the main combo anymore but, now its even more buffed. Its more like a turbo for our dps.

I think the greatest problem with dragonfist is that we dont have any way to decrease CD of Focus Chi, like Destroyers do with Fury.


Anyway, we are only increasing our DPS and i'll say why: Mystic badge is OP.

The additional damage for Iron Shoulder after 2 makes our combo really solid.

Its like: Lightning Fist > 600% Breeze Kick > 390% Iron Shoulder.


Its a lot of damage!

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For PvE, even before the update and even having all 8 of BT bopaes, the MSP bopaes were better for DPS and NOT spamming dragonfist.  RMB > Dragon fist.  Now post patch, that's completely different.  Dragonfist lasts longer and hits WAY harder.  SO i get them changing that around and overall I've noticed a massive DPS spike.  Where I was doing 73 k, I do about 101k steady.


Though, I'm extremely tempted to re-roll since the PvP changes and skill re-vamps.  Not only did the SF get hit with the PvP nerf-bat so hard it made Satan cry.  Every class can counter anything we do.  We used to stomp BM's a majority of the time.  We're lucky if ground ripple gets off (the crappy stun version since daze was stupidly removed).


And our defense break is useless (like before) and we can't stun combo like we used to.  Though other classes still can / have had their stun chains improved upon (BM as an example).  So, playing B&S for just PvE - Works for some, doesn't work for me.  I may re-roll KFM as main since they do pretty decently in both area's.  But the SF is no longer viable in PvP.  At least from what I've seen in the last few days.

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I think that you can not say anything now, because the changes I've seen is that the Dragon Fist is now activated by the Focus Chi, and that Frost Storm can be accumulated by the Chi, and I can see that the DPS is easier To achieve. But in the same way you have to keep trying to see what happens. Soul Fighter Upcoming Skill Patch Changes

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