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Anything wind build is better at than lightning?

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I mean anything at all....PvE, PvP, mobs, solo?

Lightning seems to just be better at all of it.


You can basically have 2 or 3 times more lightning surge than wind surge. Storm cleave doesn't exist in wind build. Rolling Typhoon is still meh, too long animation for too little damage. Wind flash doesn't even stack bleed.


PS: What to use for RMB in draw stance? Flash step is ok damage, but movement is awkward. Lightning strike....only 1 stun and minor damage and 36 sec cooldown is underwhelming and Bladeguard is....just bladeguard

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I seriously dislike the distinct OBLIGATED split, between wind and lightning now. I mean, being able to switch and select what you prefer between the range of skills is somewhat the beauty of our old skill system.

This new set-up for BD is way too pre-chewed and simplified. I would prefer they would at least unlock the ability to mix between the wind tree and the lightning tree for each particular skill. or it's now additional wind or lightning attributes.


I guess for new players this is not quite as much a pressing issue. But for someone who has always found peace and pleasure in combining both, I feel pretty screwed over.

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There are two main PVE skills gone for BD. One is Fissure (3) and the other is L.strike (RMB in drawing stance).


Fissure is used to regenerate Chi in close-range combat. We need it to keep the chi up. Now, without fissure skill, we have to rely on Soaring Falcon (long distance) to regenerate chi. Also, now with the skills combined, it is important to use the soaring falcon at the right time because now it can do knockdown as well. If you used it on the boss when you are not supposed to kockdown, you will be in trouble.


L. Strike (the one you can RMB 3 times to do decent damage; not the stun one) can use as a way to dodge boss frontal attacks while keeping decent dps when your Q/E is in CD. Now, they moved flash step (mainly for PVP) to RMB button. Basically, in PVE and lighting draw stance, RMB is useless for BD because L. strike stun has long CD, parry block is for blocking only and require good timing to block frontal attacks, and the last option is flash step, which only does little amount of damage if the enemy is not knocked down or grabbed. Also, flash step can easy get you out of the range from boss and thus losing a bit of dps as well.


I also miss the combination of lighting and wind build. 

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i'd say that wind is still lil bit worse than light, especially during boss fights.

And the 3 use lightning strike removal botheres me more than it should. I just get used to it, using in when q/e is on cd. Especially on Yunsang i would gladly use it instead of the flash crap. rip 

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I've just started a BD because the wind build seems so easy I wanted to try it how viable it is.

So you have to spam 3xRMB then F then repeat. You don't have to anicancel LBM+F, you don't need high crit chance to proc F, and so on. In addition, F (Rolling Typhoon) has 10,5x AP ratio. Also you don't have to stay in draw stance to deal damage.


So yea, I'm not sure how effective the wind build will be since I'm just leveling up this character. Is the lightning build that stronger? If you don't have the Lightning Surge/Spirit buff, you can just spam LMB. Also, the lightning build needs higher crit rate to proc F. However, with badges and legendary weapon the resets are op. :)

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Wind is much easier after the patch since your HM breeze [LMB] and your sunder [RMB] now gives wind focus even when you don't crit. I tried to play wind and the rotation goes with doing the Whirling scourge + rolling typhoon, then goes to lightning draw to refresh the whirling scourge cooldown then keep doing that combo. In a dps meter check I lose around 5K dps compared to lightning but you have much less to think, animation cancel and you don't worry about losing draw stance and focus. But lightning is stil stronger due to electric surge now grants +15% critical damage

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the thing is tho having almost 100% lightning surge uptime is easy rn and i dont see anicanceling as a problem unless your ping is really bad i use only msp 8 set and i have 100% surge unless i fck up like there are almost no info at all on wind bd with higher gear soulbadge mystic badge bracelet that is kinda hard to compare to the lightining everybody is playing 

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With a green medaillon, each successful final hit of [2] (Type 2) will grant a 9 second Buff = each RMB provide 3 Wind focus.

Also full Wind plains bopae (msp) and [X] make [2] available more often, so rotation is mainly 1x[RMB] + F, increasing dps.


I'm nearly doing same damage than lightning set up, but it's also because i often Fck up anicancel due to ping.

Guess Wind build and rotation could be improve if more skilled player try it.



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Greetings all,


*TL;DR at bottom*


So I would like to share a few experiences that I have as a current endgame (6/20/17) build for both, Wind Spec and Lightning. (Full BT acc/raven/BT ss/Dragon Bracelet/Neck+belt/soul badge+Mystic badge)


Now everyone straight up says that lightning is overall better but I would like to let everyone here know about what it really is like.


Wind build does have a bit less in terms of overall sustain damage. Soloing Sacred Longui (MSP turtle) takes about 2min 14sec for lightning build and 2min 20sec for wind. (total avg of 10 attempts for both build) Lightning was looking to be around 170-190k /sec and wind as 145-160k/sec

In the example above, I have used green badge + BT mystic badge for lightning and yellow badge + BT mystic badge for wind. (These badge set-up will let you Rolling typhoon 3x before 1x sunder/ attempt while in Whirling Scourge)


Burst damage is where Wind build really shines in my honest opinion.

Lightning build burst is about the same with sustain around 200k-240k for the test I've done in this example. However the Wind build was dishing out insane burst of 290k-320k, really good for short fights. With KFM blue buff and WL soulburn, the damage is unreal.


Though people say lightning BD is ping reliant (which is true for most part). Wind BD is even more so in my honest opinion. You actually do need to time specific timings for dropping skills such as Rolling Typhoons, Wind flash+flicker ani-canceling, boosted sunder and Breeze ani-canceling.

The recent patch definitely changed our speed for Sunders and Typhoons which made them much easier to time.


If there is an instance where you need to mob groups of mobs, I definitely recommend going wind.

You can simply pull all of them together (V) and annihilate them all in 1 go. Makes peach farming at Celestial Basic really fast. I've tried farming with lightning for a good 50k peaches but it just doesn't cut it. (With wind, about 250k)


Currently the wind builds CD downtime is a bit long, unless you time your raven reset.. there will be a few 8 seconds of slow-paced sunder>typhoon. This can be avoided if u time your maelstorm right.


The real downside to wind build is that it is VERY gear reliant compared to lightning build.

For lightning, you can do pretty good damage with bare minimum gear. However for wind side, that isn't the case.. with the gear being a big enabler, without them changes your whole combo rotation thus drops the dps by quite alot. (Big boost is dps for wind are the Soul badges and Mystic badges, *Raven too but that goes for everything*) 


The mentioned above so far is for PvE and PvP most likely will have to rely on lightning as they get more benefits.


*Small notice for those whom have not explored as much yet.*

For wind, currently the AP gains from whirling scourge is slightly inaccurate and will give u less than what it specifies. However, the Whirling Scourge also seems to grant us bonus critical chance as well which lets us dps quite hard.


Though I started off as a Lightning BD main, I enjoy playing Wind BD even more.

Play what you really want to play and don't let any others tell you otherwise.

I can assure you the damage is not bad at all!



-Wind BD is very viable.

-Very gear dependent compared to Lightning.

-Clears mobs VERY fast.

-Lightning is slightly stronger in longer fights.

-Bursts VERY hard.

-Don't let others ruin your fun. Play a style you truly enjoy.

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  • Can be potentially be stronger than lightning at endgame
  • Stronger AoEs
  • Don't need to animation-cancel
  • Never need to go to draw stance.


  • Strong single-target DPS
  • Need to animation cancel
  • Always have to hold draw stance.


Wind hits strong and lightning hits fast. It's not obliged to play the stronger element because wind can actually be stronger than lightning with the future items. In endgame wind instead of doing 3x sunder -> 1x rolling typhoon, it'll be reversed to 3x rolling typhoon -> 1x sunder which is scary strong. I would say wind build is slightly weaker than lightning, but not much. It's still good because all wind abilities are AoEs while lightning can only singletarget and wind have more healing than lightning. 



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Actually your wrong about the draw stance in wind, cause when you have every badge that u need your comb is all about doing the fastest possible burst and not get stuck between the slow Triple RMB + F.


You start off with Z + X and spam your F for 3 secs longs

Followed by 2 wait till it finished then press 1x RMB+ F  6 secs long

After this you go in draw stance C and spam your usuall LMB + F comb now the reason why? Your F in stance form reduces the cd of your Z. which you wanne get back as fast as possible. (Also your 2 reduces your CD on Z on every hit)



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Wind is a good spec to use when leveling because it is easy and because all of your main attacks (sunder, rolling typhoon) hits multiple mobs whereas main damage from lightning spec comes from flicker and lightning flash.  Once you hit max level you should abandon wind spec because investing further into wind elemental gear will be a waste of time and resources.  Wind spec is good against dumb static targets.  However, you will have a hard time with intelligent and dynamic targets and that is why lightning spec is better in that regard.


I think you have the wind spec rotation wrong.  Wind spec uses sunders and rolling typhoons mainly as the highest damage sources with rolling typhoon usually topping the dps chart  as the #1 damage contributor.  The use of wind flash is strictly to reduce the cooldown of whirling scourge since wind slash does less damage than rolling typhoon and sunder rotations.  To play wind spec to it's fullest potential you should get hongmoon sunder move 1 and hongmoon Z for hongmoon skills.  You will also need an eternity soul badge and a skyrift mystic badge.  Having both will allow you to spam three rolling typhoons when you have whirling scourge up.


You will hardly ever use RMB in draw stance in wind spec for pve since rolling typhoon does so much more damage than flash step for aoeing mobs.

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