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Flower of lament cost in new event's currency?

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I farmed Flower of Lament for the past 2 months and got 5 of them, with 3 Petals of Lament. Mostly I got it from daily wheel or daily challenge. The drop rate for petals are not high, and people tend to bid so high on them. Now I saved up almost 200 gold and is ready for the cheap legendary weapon. But what is the cost of new Flower of Lament in the next event's currency? If I can farm all 5 flowers in the next event then I will try my best. But I got tired of this grind so even if after the event I couldn't get enough of them I think I will call it quit and play offline games. Already quit for the last 2 weeks playing Nier: Automata and now Bayonetta. Hopefully Flower will cost around 10 token each so with 6 token per day (I cant do DT or NF yet) and sometimes extra from event I might get enough of them.

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