12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

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5 minutes ago, Draelth said:

While I understand stuff can happen and I don't mind long maintenance times (even when is a whole day like FF14), can you stop saying "1 hour more" when at this point it's cristal clear that you don't know? Admit that there is no ETA and keep us informed but don't give us "false hopes" 4 times in a row.


3 minutes ago, Criticl said:

The delay is not really the mainproblem here, the mainproblem is, that they announced 3x 1hour... you can't do shit with one hour. If they would have tell us, that the servermainintance will take 3 or 4 more hours, you could have done important stuff irl like... having fun as an exampel .  This is a disgrace, A Shame. Shame on you NCsoft.

Couldnt say it better. THis is ridicoulus.

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I have to give credit to everyone on twitter though! Some of the responses have been golden!!!


*EU player has absorbed 4 delays and is enraged*

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10 minutes ago, Kinessan said:

Honestly, things like these tend to happen with patches this size. 

Production deliveries are always a pain in the bum.


You gotta chill, people. The fact that you're freaking out about a few less hours of gameplay is kind of preoccupying lol.

For everyone in Europe with a 9-5 job we lost the entire day.

Even the 'relatively early' side of Europe will have at the current ETA the server back at 10:30PM instead of 6:30PM

But people with those jobs will likely get to sleep then.


But as others have said before, it's not as much the delay, as it is the way it is being communicated.

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