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any tips on how summ suppose to beat skilled  KFM in arena i tried both wind/earth build he got huge time resist/evasion all my attacks he resist them. this is the part 1

part 2 his huge cc combo skills not mention the blue buff the best way to escape this is to always set your cat in resist mode and keep her far from you because if he catch you in cc combo it cc your cat as well so no way to escape but using our 2 

here is the problem our cat call (E) when we stunned/dazed it has'e 50 sec CD his cc skill would be out of CD by then so he repeat cc combo again this time no escape but 2 but if we assume that kfm is smart and in all cases they do when our cat call(E) in CD we save 2 to escape when he active BB with cc combo so he will force you to use it early then after he saw you do that he catch you cc combo and this time you will be fly away to heaven with farewell goodbye.

i didn't mention that some kfm can focus and kill your cat all he have to do is keep cat in his cc mode so you wont be able to put her in (Q) resist mode with BB your cat 5 hit and bye bye.

all this and his hp still above 70% or thou because of his huge time resist/evasion.

my average rank in 1 VS 1 arena 1650+ i am not bad in pvp and i got decent ping.

kfm is my problem because all KFM i meet above 1600 is skilled

any tips on how i should beat KFM as Summ in arena would be much appreciated thanks.

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I always play with dot build,  I use my 3 and my dot bees on him and run away till cd is away. When he is using Backstep,  use ur 4 to counter his approach KD. And only use ur ccs when he has no agility buff (Sorry for my bad English) 

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Well KFM might be the hardest one for SUM. As long as u don't spam skills it to his counter or Q/E u are fine.

try to CC the KFM when he is out of guard , when you see he focus on u , many KFMs tend to forget about the pet . The better KFM the harder the matchup become. 

In addition , I would recommend to use X Iframe instead of X heal (this is my opinion, I feel more comfortable with that) 


If u want to win this matches , don't miss tech chases Kappa 

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