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A tentative fix for invisible characters in dungeon/battleground lobbies

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Disclaimer: I'm being lazy and pretty much copy-pasting the majority of this post from the Reddit thread I made.


Another Disclaimer: This has only really been tested on LynF. It should theoretically work with other races, but they have not been tested and your mileage may vary.


This bug has been annoying me for as long as I've been playing Blade & Soul, and from what I've searched, it's been bugging many others too. At first I thought it was random, and that I was just screwed. I was told that appearance changes fix it. While technically correct, it never solved the issue for me. I decided to go and find out why.


Using presets kindly provided by friends, I learned that lobby invisibility was not random; visible characters were consistently visible, and vice-versa. Through the soul-suckingly tedious method of modifying presets, leveling it to 15, looking at the results, entering slider data into spreadsheets, and repeating, I managed to narrow down which appearance options triggered invisibility, and which didn't. Last night, I narrowed it enough to solve the issue, at least for myself.


The culprit is one of two (or both) sliders: Eye Size and Eye Distance. Setting these to certain values will trigger lobby invisibility. There appears to be no pattern, and the values that trigger it seem to be arbitrary.



This screenshot was taken from the point of view of a friend. I cannot be seen in the lobby.


With some slight adjustments to those two sliders, I am now clearly visible in lobbies, and I will stay that way until those sliders are altered in a way that will once again trigger it.


Problem solved!


For anyone who wants to reproduce this fix, here is my spreadsheet. I highlighted some eye size/distance combinations that should work.

Any other row not marked as invisible should also work, but again, most of these are untested and YMMV. I recommend leveling a character to 15 to test before committing to an appearance change.

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The reason im replying for this old post its cause i recently past to a similuar situation...

So its been years that my character was invisible in F8 and i simply had enough.
I got triggered and actually contact support regarding this issue... seems its a "know issue" and the only "fix" they provide me was a link to this very post.

So in order to test this theory i actually spend 2 days recreating a char and lvling to 15 ( because you can only go to f8 at that lvl) i tried to copy my friends eyes sliders and nothing i was still freaking invisible.

So i did 3 things:
1- change the face sliders (the eyes size and distance)
2- change the face type
3-change the body sliders ( the shoulder height and torso size)

And BOOM got fix!! finally the character was visible and then use a character voucher to change the main one.


So If your character its invisible on F8 i order to fix it you need to have patience and actually test yourself until your char its visible again....

P.S.: A friend of mine did the same but  he only change the face type.

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