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which class is not that necessary in dungeon

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All classes are useful. There are specific dungeons that require specific classes like sum/sin for EC and FM for Naruy Sanctum but all classes are useful. Destros in the future have really high dps ONLY if its played correctly.

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When someone advertises they want a Warlock, sin, etc it's generally just their preference if they do not already have the class in the lobby with them.

I'm not going to ask for a FM if there isn't a Warlock is the party already, though it's not a big deal I would just like the extra buff to make the run slightly faster if possible.


All classes are useful though in their own way.

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The reason sum/sin are being asked for is because ebondrake requires shealth for the last boss. No shealth=a wipe in most cases. The reason for warlock is for soulburn to kill bosses quicker and mainly the 2 adds that spawn during the second boss to dps them down quickly. Doesn't mean the other two aren't welcome but generally if they're asking for those classes then there are already at least one of those in the dungeon room so they need the extra space for the classes that they need for the dungeon.

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We dont need Destroyer.


KFM = Tanker and Party buff, OK

FM = High DPS and Party Protection

WL = Party Buff

Assassin = High DPS and Party Buff.

Soul Fight = Party Heal/Party ressurection.

Summoner = Party Heal and PArty PRotection

Blade Dancer = High DPS and Party Protection

BM = Tanker / Party Protection / High DPS


Destroyer = Bad DPS and no support, cant hold aggro. They are sux for dungeon.

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17 hours ago, arkvard said:

Destroyer actually have a skill that can be specced into threat bonus. But i don't know their tanking capability

We'll lose this thing soon. 


Tanking tho... is kinda hard because any ranged or BM can steal aggro easily after taunt kick buff disappear. 


Survivability tho.. des is i feel pretty good. I can tank both wives in Desolate tomb.  just need lots of concentration.  For final boss tho.. i sux when asked to tank.


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