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New legendary path.

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You went seraph because of the flicker damage increase............ It is good up until about stage 5 when all the baleful buffs outmatch the flicker buff. And, as seraph, you practically NEVER see a skill reset...

I, too, should have gone Baleful

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doesnt matter either way which legend u go at this stage, as raven will be your main goal, so go with whatever looks u like, also seraph is slightly better in pvp than baleful, cause it can keep u alive longer with def spin while u get bombarded in 6v6.


just as a short look into the future for na bns ( as i play on tw server) for lightning build bladedancers,

in the long run u want the elec juwelry from bt, which will stay with you for a long, very long time, as their awakend form was just introduced in kr,

necklace ofc the then vortex raid elec dmg neck

belt just get the naryu foundry one and make it 10,
soul get going...new 8 sec cooldown soul on the horizon, which ist just plain sex for lbm (25% crit dmg, 18% ele dmg and then plus 60, 12%crit chance, 200 ap, 160% focus....all for 8 seconds with 8 sec cd)

badges for pve will be the next season toi badge, every thunderslash will grant a buff which leads to every crit for the next 6 seconds will reduce lightning draw cooldown by 1 second, which ultimately gets ur lightning draw to below 10 seconds cooldown,

2nd badge for me personally i prefer the bt badge over the leg badge, as the bt badge gives 20% crit dmg for all skills during electric surge and 100% ap for flicker.
bracelet ofc the dragon bracelet, 6 sec of 315%bonus for every first hit of lightning flash after every thunderslash.

what this gear combination will lead to, is for ur crit dmg mod to get a total increase of 23% weapon + 25% draw stance + 15% electric surge + 20% from bt badge + 25% from soul with a 100% uptime on an elemental dmg of roughly 180% and roughly 1,4 k ap with raven and soul procs active as soon as u enter draw stance and electric surge is up. 

but now to the fun part, u only need 2 draw stance skills.
thunderslash and lightning draw, the juliet 8 set will decrease the tunderslash cooldown to 9 seconds, which means every 9 seconds the bracelet proc is active for 6 seconds, giving an uptime of 66% on the proc plus every 9 seconds for 6 seconds every crit will reduce lightning draw cooldown by 1 second...and anicanceling with the huge lbm inherent crit chance means each anicancel rotation 3 sec off lightning draw cooldown, leading to basically u spaming only thunderslash and lightning draw all the time with anicancel in between, never losing electric surge and the dmg field from lightning draw will also gain a 100% uptime below the enemy......you dont need storm cleave at all and can be specced into either double daze, giving u all 3 cc's at least as a double or an additional tripple iframe, increasing survivability.

as u can see, lbm gear is about synergy, one thing stacks very nicely with another and leads to lbm becomeing a dps monster with huge survivability or absolut godly amount of cc's.  everything like baleful or seraph before that then just doesnt matter in the long run at all anymore.

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There will be 2 kinds of new leg weapon upgrade:

1st with seraph skill boost (flicker) and 2nd with baleful skill boost (sunder)

Both spirit of light from seraph (activated when you are hit) and spirit of darkness from baleful (activated when you hit something) will be replaced with Raven weapon like buff which charging itself like spirit of darkness, which means activated when you hit something.


So literally the only difference between these two weapon types will be the skill which they affect. That means ppl who goes from baleful gets wrong skill boost (sunder) compared to seraph users (flicker) togather with the rest similar effects.


TL;DR: Wataru summed it up right. New leg weap will be seraph on steroids. (still worse thar raven weapon though)

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