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Act 7 requirements (no spoilers please)

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550 is doable, but you need a decent SS as the mobs in the new area's hit hard as hell. Celestial where you farm peaches is probably going to be difficult to solo at 550 simply because the mobs have high defence and they hit like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing freight trains. At 570 on my summoner I was struggling greatly and I had a stage 2 baleful staff. the mobs are very close together and highly agro and a lot of ranged... even with ebondrake oblivion SS I was getting 3-4 shot. 


quest wise the only real issue you'll find is when you storm the castle so to speak.. lots or ranged mobs that hit hard there as well. 

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11 minutes ago, Lunakitty said:

How did you have Baleful at only 570AP? Different AP calculations or such?

Baleful doesn't give a lot of AP, but that was my first question when I upgraded and saw i didn't break 600 despite being HM 9. I think a lot of it was my jewlery, I hit 50 right when the new weapon and jewelry system came out. I only got baleful because they did a nebula stone event at the same time which allowed me to get stage 2 baleful for literally nothing, my jewlery at the time was greatly lacking. 


I'm almost 800 now with the new KR stats and asura jewelry and the stage 2

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