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Legendary Soulshields


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hey there, i was wondering as assassin if that 1 2 3 4 5 msp legendary soulshield ar that good? i mean i alardy got 1 2 3 5 with main crit and number 4 without... but when i compare them the diffrence aint that big... what is ur toughts.

btw what i talk about is

1 2 3 4 5 - MSP Legendary SS

6 7 8 DT.

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it's important that you have 5 msp and one of these 5 msp is 87 and 5 maxed with base crit, because their crit base give almost the same as bt ss and it's really easy to farm them at Celestial Basin right now.
I used this

then once Naryu Sanctum was out I got my hands on this for the crit and better set bonus.

Then once you have decent 875 you can go for 41234 bt to have decent set with crit chance that your msp 875 provides you.

Here are the max base crit chance stats on bt and msp differences.

BT Crit
Tile 8) 561
Tile 7) 541

Tile 5) 503
MSP Crit

Tile 8) 518 (- 43)
Tile 7) 501 (- 40)

Tile 5) 465 (- 38)
That's total of 121 crit chance lose, which is not much as you can back that up with Silverfrost Critical Primers and add 245+ crit on each piece.

so yes 12345 msp for assassin are good but make sure you get 78 so you can prepare yourself for 5bt 3msp


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