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How is the game now!

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Ok i quit playing a while ago when sogun lament was released and my sin was around 570ap at the time, i invested a long time into the weapon grind etc.


I have a couple questions because i am thinking about making a fresh char and maybe playing again.


1. is the weapon and gear grind still so damn insane>?

2. Is the servers still infested with bots in arena etc?

3. Which classes are good at soloing is it still like Sin ?

4. Are the events still p2w and allow you to open boxes to get items that are needed for upgrades ?


Thanks any info would be appreciated,

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I, myself came back few weeks ago..I quit around April last year.


1. No, they introduced new weapon path in recent patch so it's not as insane compared to before

2. I don't do arena, so I can't answer this ><;;

3, Not sure about this because I didn't play long enough to know this 

4. It depends on how you view p2w; there is a trove event that is ongoing right now, which contains mats for upgrading. 


I think these events are not a huge disadvantages to new/returning players but it does seem p2w/ progress2win so it depends on how you view it 

If you made profits by crafting/ selling mats on market, then the event is "bad" but if you were hoping to upgrade by buying mats off market, I don't think it's that "bad" because you can upgrade faster with mats being really cheap atm. But for returnees, I would say it became easier to upgrade overall. 

This opinion is very subjected, so yeah....you might disagree XD

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1. It never really was to begin with

2. No

3. Literally everything.  Skills>Class Mechanics>Gear

4. Real p2w would be obtaining gear ,by spending money, that outclass regular user's gear. All gear in BnS is obtainable by free means. Get to work. If you meet a whale with crazy max gear well...that's that. Unless you're into it, it's not like you'll face him/her in 6s 24/7 and oneshot ya. Not like you should mind having him/her in your party for PVE.

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1. It is even harder if you want to have the best gear. My question is - why do you care so much about it? You basically wasting a lot of your time by farming and stressing about some numbers in statistics that doesn't rly matter all that much. You don't need gear to pvp in arena and you can do dungeons with regular easy to get gear. The only thing that can be frustrating - you will sufer from whales in 6x6. Does dominating in 6x6 worth so much investments for you?

2. No.

4. Yes. As in any f2p game (and with latest trends - occasionally in p2p games too) - you can pay real money to ease your way to better gear.

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Starting over is a bit hard now with the new weapon path.  You're bound to weapons that aren't upgradeable until you reach Silverfrost area.  You no longer get Hongmoon accessories, and you will be forced to farm dungeons to get better accessories or rely on the crappy accessories they give you through story/quests.  The gear that's given is supposedly 'geared' towards the content, so you should be fine.  Although, you will actually have to play the game, rather than face rolling story.


Any game will have a mechanic where players can buy their way to top level gear or stats.  Even if they don't, anyone can simply 'buy gold' from people or '3rd-party' sites to help get the gear they want or buy power leveling services, so I don't even know why this is always a serious question in video games.  You should play the game because you enjoy it.  If you wanted to be competitive, you'd be playing an actual fighting game or FPS where you can't really buy skill/talent.

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1. Getting True Ivory (True scorpion) Weapon is very fast now.
Getting legendary is much cheaper than it used to be since you last played, but since there is a new Legendary it is a lot harder to get that.
600-700ap Simple | 700-750ap Need to start grinding | 750+ Grinding 

2. From what I've seen there aren't many bot's now.


3. I'd say any class with a summon eg: WL/Summoner, but Sin/SF do well too.


4. 50/50, You can still do endgame without spending money in-game, but you have to spend time.
I'd reccomend spending like $10-20 if you're starting from scratch because this will get you max weapon + accs, so you won't have trouble finding parties.
(Or spend 1week grinding low-level maps because you won't make the AP requirement to join dungeons at under 500. (You can always LFP though)

With 650+ you can do pre much all content except Naryu foundry because people want min 700AP, and Black tower.

Hope this helps :D


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1. is the weapon and gear grind still so damn insane>?

Yes, raven weapon is insane


2. Is the servers still infested with bots in arena etc?

Yes, arena full of bot

3. Which classes are good at soloing is it still like Sin ?

Blade Master, Warlock, Blade dancer, Sin other classes for pvp are dead.


4. Are the events still p2w and allow you to open boxes to get items that are needed for upgrades ?

100% p2W

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1> weapon and gear grind is non~existing till you 44-45 now since they f*cked up the system made it "simpler" (same applies for accessories -.- ) lol

and it's insane from seraph/baleful not just raven insane -.-


2> game not as infested as bots as before that's for sure but there still around in the arena... but I don't think at same scale as before.


3> tbh I'm not a big sin fan as used to be... I used to love it for its solo-ing but not anymore, it just gets boring real fast lol

fav classes to solo with... hmmm I have to say summoner x.x but it's not on my 'top list' thou it's just very easy >.>

currently maining a blade dancer and I just love the playstyle both in pve and pvp lol I can solo CC stuff if needed or asked to ... dodging VERY easy... very agile class... good class for any situation o.O there's also the force master... very easy to play with, you can go either aoe or single target... or mix both .. high survivability if played right ...


4> I'd say events are like pure p2w -.- I'm not even a premium player anymore... I would b if didn't blow up my credit card with 1 of the very first trove events I took part in lol lots of key buying expansions etc... and the trove proves to me once again that if you a free player you can suck a c*ck coz game doesn't give a f*ck bout free players :D

you can't do jack with just 2 slots opening in trove you ALMOST ALWAYS get trash it will NEVER be somethin as good as the p2w players getting when opening a full page of trove lol best stuff I getting on my toons from this trove is moonstones and soulstones lol picked some petals as well coz needed flowers but that's it xD and few bars of gold lol it's ridiculous XD makes every free player feel insignificant/invisible to the company that runs the game :D


+this event that supposedly helps you progress with your wep....

1~4 soulstones and moonstones won't change much on your daily challenge ! :D

if it was 10~100 or even 1~400 depends on the mat... lets say up to 100 moonstones and up to 400 or even 500 soulstones... and a similar amount of stingers o.O suuuuuuuuure I'd b super thrilled bout the event if that was the case :D or even if it would give mats for your seraph/baleful weapon progress... coz you need some crazy stuff to progress these !

premium silverfrost stone is anything BUT cheap lol and you need 1 for each stage ! I won't get rich any time soon just coz of these insane mats lol every time I make a decent amount of money it goes directly to my weapon progress and accessories lol + not to mention you need upgrade your pet / aura.... to a minimum of awaken stage 1 if you want defense + hp recov... and you have soul progression that is just as bad.... if you want awesome ap addition to the ap you getting from your wep and accessories... 


if I'd show any new player what stuff they need just to be more than just a "starting player" in terms of gears... lol they will walk away and won't even try the game I think :(

so good luck if you're coming back ;-;

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