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New class ideas anyone?

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Here is my idea:


Class: Rage Master

Weapon: Double-bladed Staff

Elements: Wind/Shadow.


Unique class mechanic:

-Have no Chi bar

-Have a Rage bar which is empty. Some strong skills will fill up the bar, while some weak skills will decrease it. Rage bar will also get filled when you're "Annoyed" when CCed, and decrease when you iframe.

-The higher your Rage bar is, the stronger your characters become.

-When your Rage bar is filled up, your characters enter Maximum Rage, become extremely strong with all offensive stat increase drastically.

-However, your buff is double-edged: has a timer. When the timer runs out, you explode, cause huge damage and die, entering Chi Recovery state. There is a long-cooldown buff that allows you to escape this danger.

-The gameplay of this class requires you to manage your rage bar very well.


Wind build: Sustainable DPS. Revolve around edging your character to very near the brim of the Rage bar, or at least keep your Rage bar in control. You have skills to support your Rage management, with a buff that allows you to spam your strongest skills while locking your Rage at 99%.


Shadow build: Burst DPS. You actually venture into state of Maximum Rage to deal very bursty damage. Your skills will help to keep you in Maximum Rage state as long as possible before you escape from the state, and also reduce the cooldown of your long-cooldown escape skill. Whenever your rage-escape off cooldown, you will enter Maximum Rage again.


Difficulty: Not newbie friendly. One mistake in Rage management and you enter Maximum Rage without your rage-escape skill on, you die with a burst.

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I think either a fan/umbrella class? Or maybe a scythe wielder (i just think the scythe wielder will be like a mix between destroyer and assassin though.) BUT ANYWAY, those are my suggestions. Or maybe a class where it holds like a paint brush and does something with like symbols or something like in the class trailer where the lyn had a little paintbrush and everything XD

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Honestly those are the classes I would love to see, sad because most of them are in the game... Just not playable.

1)Voriants: with duel axes, or duel swords, or even a sword skins (Viking type fighters) [Gon]

2)Alvens: Archers with a pet capturing system [Jin, Yun,Lyn]

3)Defenders: Sword and a shield [Gon, Yun]

4) Berserkers: A great sword [Gon, Jin]

5)Shamans: Kind of like summoner [Lyn, Gon]

6)Grapplers: Hae Mujin class [Lyn, Gon]

7) Great Monk : A staff or a spear [Lyn, Jin, Yun] or a new race like those wolf people in Lycandi Foothills


those are it for me, but I would love to see, the duel axes with a sword skin, my number one pick!


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classes i´d like to see:

1) some sort of berserker, with a cestus, ram or greatsword

2) Archer, with a bow

3) sweet agile char with chainblades

4) big char ( like a Berserker maybe ) with a glavie or spear

5) sweet agile char with a skythe

6) sweet agile char with dualblades / dualswords


preferring nr. 1 & 2 the most :)

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A little late to the party, but I think a class based around sages and hermits could be fairly interesting. If Soul Fighter hadn't have come out, I could see it as a hybrid between Warlock and Kung Fu Master potentially, but since that is a class... well, your ideas?

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