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ok i hate this game

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That's a very interesting thing to say, because I've had the experience that, opposed to almost every other MMO, the players skill has a very large impact on your performance. In order to say that the classes are imbalanced, in terms of maximum potential, you'd need to be on a very high skill level. At least if it's supposed to be a qualified statement, which this clearly isn't (no arguments or anything).

There is definetely a difference in how easy a class is to pick up. I will not make any statements about how hard they are to master, because I'm not even close to being there on any class.

So there is an imbalance, so to speak, in terms of skill minimum between the classes for sure, but for the maximum efficiency of each class, I can't tell.


Now if you're looking at the imbalance, or difference, between someone who's putting a crab-horde of money into this, compared to someone who doesn't that's a different matter. If you're looking at the difference between people who play this game almost 10 hours each and every day compared to people who play it roughly 3 hours each day, that's again an entirely different matter.

"Imbalance" is a word that is actually not really that good to use in such a general matter. Some kind of "imbalance" or difference, for example in stats, is desirable in many cases, because it can reflect your characters growth and the effort you put into it. A very high imbalance between a skilled and a not so skilled player is also very desirable in almost all cases IMO.

The question is which of imbalance you don't want to have and why.

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I know this is a trolls thread, but for the sake of an interesting discussion I thought this reply would be fun
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We would love to hear your constructive feedback on why you are not enjoying Blade & Soul so that we can look into your concerns and forward them over to the development team. Unfortunately, creating a thread with this type of title and using two words as your post will not work in anyone's favor.

This thread will now be closed.

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