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I  been trying to get my soul  badge for my BD but so far i been matched with a lot of range classes such as summoners, FMs and Warlocks (Hate them so much)


Any tips on how to face these classes would be much appreciated ♥♥♥


I am currently at floor  20...ish


I'am a scrub 680 BD so i am trying to "Git good"

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try using pvp shields, lower floors not really needed, but about 40+ better have some crit def and for dmg u need 30%+ pierce, cause these bots got pvp stats

then for rotation really depends on what enemy u face and what hm skills u got, i like using flaming scourge with storm cleave for more burst dmg, also thunderslash is nice here.

for fm's, make sure u push em from the beginning, and these bots r predictable to a certain degree, if u start off with guardian tempest, flaming scourge or any other self shield, they will wait for the duration to be over before starting real cc's on their part, which gives u time to force a cc and start doing burst dmg.

in case of fighting fm's, either spin maelstrom or flaming scourge/guardian tempest into raid, stormcleave, anicancel 2 times, rmb stun, 2 anicancel,
watch out for the tab in between and time 2nd cc right and they loose hp fast, then grab and do ur grab rotation, their tab down and u got no chill stacks on u yet....push em, push em hard.

if they survive that and u get chill stacks on u, use ur parry spin to reflect and stun, then aircombo for some dmg in between and to bridge ur cooldowns.

vs summoners, grab cat, throw and unconsious, then dont let summoner get close and dps and cc em hard

warlocks r really easy, they will usually try to cast pet first if u stay more than 7 m away, so raid, stormcleave, anicancel and so on, they use their escape, stun with rmb again anicancel, grab....dead...dont let em get thrall or it becomes tedious.


i usually start nearly right behind em for each round,...start same position always and remember what each bot does first, they will keep doing that no matter the floor and u can just remember and counter it, so kfm will always jump into aircombo on u, so spin plus maelstrom there is always fun, kd em and so on.


try thinking outside the box for ur skills, so a soaring falcon can kd on range, opening bot up for a charge stun or thunderslash into nice burst dmg for example. or def pierce and parry pierce sunder vs destroyer, they spin to win hard, so just keep em kd'd and sunder all the way, only use lightning burst anicancel here during cc's on dest.


toi is different than pvp arena or 6v6, the bots have shorter cooldowns, but with pvp shields surviving their high dmg combos should be no problem (3 pierce on ur shields, 5 crit def) and the only thing u need to worry about then is the time u need to kill em, so be aggressive and burst em down, use ur high dps cc combos whenever off cooldown and push, cause certain bots just play on time, like sf, fm and lbm, they rarely go in for the kill but rather run away the whole time.



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Summoner is definitely the most annoying bot...

I usually take a ton of iframes for them. Maelstrom spin for extra iframes and defence (+400%), Dual Strike (V)  t3s1 for lots of healing if you hit both cat and summoner (or thrall and WL). Five Point Strike (X) t3s2 helps a lot as it can knock both cat and summoner up (then you can aircombo with RMB-1-F-LMB/RMB and not get interrupted mid air combo). If you grab the summoner, face the cat to block (most of) its attacks (SS during grab to create distance) and if you by accident grab the cat, throw it away with X to put it to sleep for 30s. Speccing Anklebiter (3) helps a lot since you can knock both down. Don't forget Q/E/SS for extra iframes and spin if you get rooted or to resist stuns and dazes. Focus completely on Summoner else you run out of time. 


For Warlock I usually just try to stunlock them before they can summon Thrall. When the game counts down, run at the warlock and press LMB when he gets targeted for a quick extra stun (or jump/glide+RMB), then aircombo, grab into lightning stance burst. At 680 AP and F20-ish this should take a good chunk of HP. Again V t3s1 is great for the extra iframes and healing if you need it and again, Tab Maelstrom for extra iframes and defence. If they do summon Thrall, stay away from it (using SS if it pulls you) and if they set up for a burst combo or your other skills are on CD use your iframes to stall a bit. 


In fights with FM bots you can heavily abuse Tab parry if you can time it (even if you can't...). Spin when frozen to the ground to keep mobility (+60% when breaking snare) and regain focus. Be careful when grabbing them because if you get "rooted" by ice while you're grabbing them they get a free escape (usually into a double stun). If you grab them, press F and quickly put them down with 3 (daze) into an air combo or so. Don't forget you can SS towards them if you can't use your approach skills. If you knock them down they don't usually have a ground counter/escape, so you can make use of Boot (1) and Anklebiter (3) combined with Q/E->Sunder for extra damage if other skills are on CD. Most of the time you can't use approach skills. Try to iframe for 5s or so (with Guardian Tempest Z) to unlock your charge skills (2, X and lightning RMB) and immediately use them.


Generally, at lower floors bots won't avoid your ground counters, won't counter Soul Stab (2) while you grab them (which is massive damage btw) and shouldn't reset cd. Your lightning stance burst is really important to not run into any time issues (moreso at higher floors). With 680 AP you should be able to make it up to F40 unless you get really unlucky. Though I'm not sure what your problem is with the lower floor bots (running out of time or being killed?), I hope this helps a bit. 


Also, this goes for all higher level bots. From F30+ they will start countering your Soul Stab (2 while grabbing). However if you SS just before you Soul Stab, the AI is less likely to use the counter and may instead use their tab escape. They do still counter rarely, but even if they do, the iframe from your SS will stop you from being CCed and bring you back to neutral game. 

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Don't grab cat n toss it unconscious you can kill the cat now very easily. If your going to grab the cat face the summoner to block their attacks while doing your grab combo. you don't even need the resists anymore for them..


hmm you know what actually now that I think about it it may just be because I have more pierce than I use to when I last attempted to take out the cat and now i can jus take it out like nothing, unless the cat has no crit def? I don't even know lol all i know is it dies fast now

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Grab works wit blade swarm since the bots can't perfectly counter soul stab. Play more offensive like Thunder slash instead of Five-point strike. Knock them down and do groundplay, bots tends to press [1] to get up. Hit them when they fall down and they often do ground counter immedietly so you'll do divebomb. Then just chain knock them down and hit them as much as you like. I also tend to use knockdown when I grab.

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