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Should I buy a gaming laptop or desktop for $1000?

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I say desktop is beter.

But if you need for school or work  laptop is portable.

Do a little research on the internet and you can build a nice 1 (think is beter buy parts and you build) in this way you can save money and upgrad later.

If you go play BS lots of the time you need a fast CPU.

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if you are in the US with 1k you should be able to get a 1080p laptop to play bns with graphics at max at least on (somewhat) stable 60fps or more

just dont expect a thin&light

(and for around 1.1k+ on EU)


i reiterate the "somewhat" cause even on a desktop your fps can get lower depending on zone

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I recently did a major upgrade on my home PC.. I used to have a old socket 775. I now have a socket 2011-3. i7 6900K 4.2ghz. 64 gb GSkill 3000 MHz memory. 1 - Nvidia 1060 Xtreme Gaming 6gb. CPU is water cooled. 1050 Watt modular power supply from CoolerMaster. 1 TB M.2 drive, 2 Samsung 1 TB SSD drives.  Cooler Master Master Case Pro. 2 - 30 inch EA HP flat screen monitors. Razor Chromatic competition mechanical keyboard. Logitech 4 button roller-ball mouse.


BnS used to run about 10-15 fps in MSP now I stay fairly steady @ 85-115 fps. I rarely lag.. I haven't found a game I cant run on max graphics. It did cost.. about $3200.


I did have to swap out the Corsair fans as they were too much noise.. the radiator fans are Thermaltake  3 - 120mm  Riing red ring and 2 - 140mm Riing fans on the front grill. The photo was taken before the Riing fans were added.




As per the question.. I use my home PC for gaming..  there really is not such thing as a gaming laptop.. unless you spend big bucks on the Predator 21X from Acer. 

According to the company it’s the world’s first curved screen laptop, boasting a 21-inch monster of a display. Also, it has some crazy features like Tobii eye tracking so you can move the in-game view with your eyes. It also has a full-size, illuminated mechanical keyboard and a numerical keypad that flips over to reveal a hidden trackpad.

The specs are rightfully ridiculous too: It sports a 7th generation Core processor and has dual GeForce GTX 1080 graphics. To top it off, there’s a subwoofer and a 4.1 sound system inside.. Is it truly worth it to lug around eight kilograms of laptop to be able to play anywhere? Why not invest the money in building a cheaper (and probably better performing) desktop PC?

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6900k is worse than a 7700k for strictly blade and soul and 64gigs of ram is also throwing ram at nothing. I have 16gigs and even thats not needed.


The argument with desktops perform a lot faster still stands. Nvidia 10 series notebook graphics cards are prefectly fine, just the cpus are a lot slower. The game wont run terrible with an i7 7700hq for instance, but when you compare that to a 7700k its deffinitely worse. 7700hq has a 2.8Ghz base and 3.8Ghz boost, while the 7700k has 4.2Ghz base and 4.5Ghz boost and you can overclock it further if you buy a good cooler. Thats really the main difference. There are notebooks out there with desktop cpus, but they are very expensive and even more clunky than your usual gaming notebook would already be and you obviously wont be able to put a big cooler on there either.


If you want a gaming nootbook. Id look at msi, they make really good gaming notebooks and you have a lot of options to choose from. Though it gets pretty expensive quickly.


I myself dont like gaming nootbooks, even if someone would give me one for free id still most likely not use it anyways. I dont wanna carry around a huge machine and i also prefer gaming on my desktop screen with mouse and keyboard, instead of a notebookskeyboard, whatever screen it comes with and well id have the same mouse probably, but most of the time i dont even carry a mouse with my notebook, but thats probably because ive bought a macbook 3 years ago and one of the reasons i did that was because they make outstanding touchpads that dont even begin to compare with anything you could have on a windows machine and... well that and i wanted to try mac os. Its annoying sometimes when you need to run something that only works on windows, but other than that... no problem. Also to me it feels like if youre buying a dedicated notebook for working/school (if you need one like i did) then youre much more likely to keep it around for much longer as most of the time it wont get outdated as easiely.


For a desktop for 1k id get something like this (just copying the names in there cause i dont have an account on pcpartpicker and the prices they are listed at)

- Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor (7700k seems to blow your budget) $234,49

- Asus PRIME Z270-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard (this or msi) $159.99

- Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory (8gigs is plenty to start with upgrade later, if you need it) $54.99 2x4gb would be a bit better for dual channel

- MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB GAMING X Video Card (or 1070 or rx480, brand this asus, or evga) $259.99

- SeaSonic 520W 80+ Bronze Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply (this or corsair anything 400w and above should be fine) $54.99

thats $765,34 on pcpartpicker now you still need at least one drive, a case, mouse, keyboard and a screen. I dont know if you might already ahve a keyboard, screen or mouse. Anyways, for keyboard i have used some random hp keyboard we had at home for a year or so when i bought my desktop at first and bought a stupidly expensive mechanical keyboard sometime much later. For drive it might be adviceable to go with a HDD only for now and buy an ssd at a later point (WD, or Seagate make really good HDDs and cost around 50-60 bucks for 1TB). It does not really make any difference except everything loads MUCH noticeable slower, but it does not perform any better. Though if you have used an ssd once, youll never go back. Its still kinda expensive though.

Then youre left with like 200$ max for a screen and the rest... witch really is not that much... So the usual 1080p samsung/asus TN 60Hz screens are really all youre gonna get.


Building a pc btw is easy af. Picking the parts is the only thing thats hard about it. Except you got for some exotic costum watercooling loop or whatever.

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Well are you going off to college or something and need a laptop? A full on tower is going to be cheaper and better than a laptop in every way but portability.  Blade and Soul is not THAT demanding of a game, I have an old GTX650 and almost all the settings are on max. And you could always save up and get a $150 cromebook if you just need to access the internet on the go and not play games.

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2 hours ago, lordnoob said:

desktop! laptops always end up laggy and bugged :'( dunno why though /:

That´s not really true. You (can) get really good gaming notebooks. They often times end up costing a lot more, but not always. But you´re also sort of locked into the 'package' as in if you want more of x thing you´ll also often times end up paying for y and z thing too even though you don´t care about those.


Notebook HDDs are also HORRIBLE, especially older once, so SSDs are a lot more important as i guarantee you you´ll get bothered by it sooner or later (witch is probably what you describe as laggy). Thankfully, that´s one of the few things you can usually upgrade on notebooks down the road too if it does not happen to have a SSD. Though most now do at least have a hybrid solution with a small SSD for the OS+some programs and a bigger HDD for storage.


The Lenovo Y520 is a decent value gaming notebook, but you´re still stuck with what you paid for initially for the most part as in you loose the possibility to upgrade anything in the future.

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If you can up your funds a little then go for an ASUS ROG laptop. The 17 inch versions can begotten for as little as $1200 at best buy and are upgradeable some. I use a G750JW myself and it plays any game I want at high settings with no problem at all. You can browse the ASUS 17 inch ROG laptops at Best Buy if you want. Here is one that I would recommend: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-gl753vd-17-3-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-1tb-hard-drive-black/5713585.p?skuId=5713585 it is one heck of a deal right now and if I was upgrading again this is the one I would get.

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With all your research, I must also add some exercise.

Don't forget to keep those fingers agile for when the time comes to do all those combos!

CLICKEYbits (http://kck.st/2oc8sRS ) is now on Kickstarter and helps with selection of keyboard as you can hear the sounds different ones make. On the other hand, you can use it to relax, loading screens, PvP battles taking long to get the last dueler to get in, a quitter restarts the timer, and etc.

Check it out.

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