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Nice looking Male Jin costumes?


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I have a male assassin and was wondering what are some nice/cool looking costumes for him? (post pics if you can plz)

I wanted clothing that was somewhat more revealing but that doesn't seem to be the case since his costumes tend to cover him up a lot more

anyways any costume you think looks nice on a male jin would be helpful to mention (also preferably farmable)

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Hello, hmm i think the best jin male costume that is farmeable in dungeons is that one from Asura 4-man that looks like a black snowsuit, also the one that looks like a kimono that you can get from a lvl 40 dungeon, but the drop rate is terrible, i really like the costume that you can get from heavens mandate too, and the xmas 2016 event outfit is pretty nice and its my favorite on the moment... welp i dont play much with my jin male so i dont really farm costumes with him but i play with lyn male and the majority of the costume looks almost the same, and in the cash shop have some awesome costumes that are kpop and korean fashion inspired >u< my fav ones are the school uniforms, hot white, sailor outfit and some swimsuits~ ( also the school uniforms have a HUGE reference of the SOPA korean school that have a lot of idols and IOI pick me uniform ;A;)~  but ya i reccomend you to keep the eye on the events with nice costumes and in the cash shop also you can search some stuff on F3 and how to get them ;u; here ya go some imgs (sorry for the bad quality) 





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Here's some sexy stuff on Jin... :3

Stinger Set (farmable from Pinchy in Cinderlands):


Here's the Red Specter which is easy enough to farm, no rng for it whatsoever:518wMHV.jpg


(The Kaari weapon skin from Moonwater Basin also goes really well with Red Specter.)

As someone else posted, Silent Night, which came from the Christmas event of 2016, is fantastic on Jin males:


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