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Seraph vs Baleful /grrr

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I'm sure this question has been asked one thousand times, but I have all sorts of questions since Ive upgraded and been doing some research.


First, heres me.


Just upgraded to st 2 Seraph, and use msp 1-5 and tomb 678. About a week away from full msp set.


So ive been reading alot about flicker damage vs surge uptime in this debate, and maybe lazily and and being in a hurry I hurried to Seraph because thats what I knew most BDs to use, and knew it to be the more common path. But the more im reading on reddit and various pieces picked out of google, the more I'm unsure of seraph.


What do all the local bd experts think? What beter long term with new stuff coming out? I know theres alot im missing on this so if anyone can offer some insight or opinions on this it would be appreciated.



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Seraph IS NOT and NEVER WAS the way. Increased Flicker damage is practically non-existent, and is actually outdamaged by the additional damage procs from Baleful. In addition, Baleful cooldown resets on Storm Cleave and Thunder Slash means more Lightning Surges and means more Lightning Flashes going out.


Unless you can get support to reverse your weapon to True Ivorymoon and then re-work to Baleful or you have the patience to afford a Twisted Mirror, you're pretty much screwed.

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