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Add more servers please

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Please have more servers in California especially in Los Angelos. I really want to get better at this game because i love this game and so does my friends. However, there is not enough server and the ping here compared to Texas is absolutely horrendous. I think this will be a great addition for many fans to enjoy. Many people take this games very seriously but there servers need to greatly improve. Please, ping is very curcial in this game and improving the servers will not only increase the competitive aspect of this game, but also the marketing. I just want to play this game at a very low ping. THANK YOU

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Hmm say wat? California is like 2 states between texas thats not even far at all. Ping isnt even bad for this distance i feel more sorry for the people who live in SEA then southern california <.<. Or even worse northern california. Sub 100 ping isnt much to complain about


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