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Buff the FM already


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3 hours ago, Zedonia said:

My bad, it was not clearly written. I meant when you wont ice rain because of cold snap cooldown.

But even this was a great part of frost FM. You have a burst phase and a non burst phase. One makes more damage then burning build and one makes less damage. So in average it should be same damage - that's the theorie of it. But in real it seams that the devs destroyed it with Awakened Dragonchar (befor lvl 55!) and and raven gear.


Thanks for the raven weapon informations. Now I have a better View of it. May I should reroll class to sin ^^.

3 hours ago, Zedonia said:

Another problem of frost build is the BT soul shield.

That's true, but no real problem. I farm msp soul shield (+ 3 4 6 Oblivion) because it increase damage by Ice Rain and crit damage and Oblivion will be replaced with Aman later. BT soul shield is crap for frost, yes, but next one is Black Wind - increases all spells on [2] by 35% and [x] by 165% and decrease cd of [4] by 50%. But first I have to see how's FM going on in next time for me. If frost becomes unplayable I will write it into FMs forum.


Btw it sounds really stupid that devs made soul badges that decrease important cooldowns, but also made a weapon which makes soul badge cd reduction useless. In this way i see how competntly devs are (sry, but that's true).

3 hours ago, Zedonia said:

Wait, you are playing with scorpio weapon until you can upgrade to stage 10 legendary? o.O

Yes, but that was not planned befor. I played alot with my sin and geared him - needed him to have a different gameplay to enjoy the game. But he ates alot of gold and mats, so my FM stayed long time at the same level. Now I need alot of AP because 700 is not high enough for every end content (4man NF, BT, ... found a BT party with much luck) and also I need to have alot of prem stones. So I decided to craft all 11 prem stones at one time (less depressing if one or two fail ^^) and the other mats are not that expensive for me (I farm mondstones in 6v6 and buy ornaments in my daily rounds). That's nothing about "stage 1 makes less damage" or something like that. ^^

3 hours ago, Zedonia said:

This is no possible combination.

I was not sure about it. Then I know the 4 possible combinations (boring!).

3 hours ago, Zedonia said:

Yeah, I didnt notices this but I got enough skill points so it wasnt a problem.^^

Yeah, but Meteor Shower tier 3 is a very little damage increase. :P (stacking embers faster for autodetonate) Not really important, but in such details I see who made just a test build (or copy paste one) or who knows everything about it.

3 hours ago, Zedonia said:

This way I can never reach dps of LB/RM/2 from fire build.

I think that's the real reason why people told all the time frost makes less damage with our content - raven excluded. There're few other reaons too (like damage numbers are lower, but that's not a real reason, because dmg is not dps).

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