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Updated: 6/5/2018


Greeting to all, we are a small casual Cerulean clan with a desire to tackle the new End game content that's been opening. We wish to recruit heavy gear'd players in order to take on Skybrake Spire, Temple of Eluvium and future 12 man content. For those Interested please contact either Oceanus, Sneakz, or Moegli for details or questions. Best times to reach us are 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM PST in game only. We have been clearing Weekly with no major issues.


To be changed as needed:


Skybreak Spire: Friday nights 7:00 PM PST and Sunday 4:00 PM PST are our current running schedule. (Spots Open)

Temple Of Eluvium: Saturday nights 6:00 PM PST would be best time for most of us. (Spots for WL available, spot for Gunner soon)


Requirements: Discord, MUST SPEAK ENGLISH(Requirement) and able to listen to instructions. High Survive ability, MSP Legendary SS 8 piece and lvl 3 defense pet minimum with around 950 AP recommended(Skybrake Spire only). A short Discord interview will be required(which is just to let us know if you speak/understand English). Must be patient, mistakes happen and this is no pick-nick. We welcome people who wish to raid with others and progress in game. Gear is a low priority issue in the sense that we seek people who are enjoyable to play with as gear can be obtained over time. We don't care if you are a "Whale" or are "F2P" as long as you have an easy going personality. If any content is new then we will be willing to teach the mechanics. Please do not expect hand outs, we will assist in with dungeons when available and Skybreak Spire are available to all members.


Loot Distribution: Due to being clan exclusive raids, once an established member gear will be handed to those who still require it at no additional fees aside from certain materials and costumes. Highest bid for certain materials and costumes, cannot bid on items outside your class, no fake bids, fake bids will be auto kick'd and blacklisted. Further rules may change but will be announced or explained on raid day or if inquired. 


Update: Clearing Full Raid.

Currently seeking WL's and Gunners for raid and possible 2nd raid.

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