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The use of Game Guard damaging my computer

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Blade & Soul crashes my computer multiple times for several days after each update. I've worked with the help desk for months and gone through every suggestion. The confirmed culprit is GAME GUARD. This ROOT KIT software force crashes windows 10 on my computer repeatedly following Blade & Soul updates. Why? it doesn't recognize the build. So whats the work around? The top 3 things you can do is: 1. Restart computer & run file check after update. 2. DELETE Game Guard folder & redownload it (which also causes windows 10 to crash). 3. Make sure your anti virus is OFF or BnS client has full access/rights.


Even after using these fixes (on top of the many many many others) Game Guard has continued to crash windows 10. I've documented the number of crashes in a 5 month period: 43 crashes - all stop codes relating to Game Guard. Well today I updated and waited for the inevitable crash - installed update, restarted computer & ran file repair. Everything was ok, so I started my computer and CRASH critical process stop from? Game Guard. So then I deleted the Game Guard folder and restarted client, which redownloaded Game Guard - CRASH! Anti Virus was off. I restarted my computer to go back through the 30 point list of fixes that I must do ONLY FOR BLADE AND SOUL. Except I couldn't. Because my windows was corrupted and I needed to recover. Reinstalled windows - required to do a complete reinstall of BnS. Started it up and.....CRASH!


This is the only Game that crashes my computer. I have over 100 games installed, every major MMO on the market, as well as the highest demanding GPU & CPU games. Not a hitch. The instant I start BnS with Game Guard my windows is destroyed. Blade & Soul never had an issue until they decided to use Game Guard.


NCWEST - GET     RID     OF       GAME       GUARD

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