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Legendary Weapon BM

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Hi all,

I know this topic was already been discussed a lot of times, but also for me have arrived the moment of the final choice.

Which one is better for a BM who has also to tank (PVE of course) baleful or seraph?

i already read some post around the net and the answer seem straitforward, but reallu the seraph doesn't have any chance of being used?


Ty all in advance from a new BM player

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I believe Baleful dmg increase outweighs the V cool down reduction.  Not the best comparison video as there were minor mistakes, but this video shows a pretty good rundown of them.  In the end, they both evolve to Raven, so it kind of doesn't matter too much if you're talking about the end game.  Honestly, it's up to you to decide.  You are missing out on some damage if you go to Seraph, but you're still doing enough damage that you can still tank.




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I've used Seraph from Stage 1 to 5 but I barely got the aggro until I switched to Baleful. The HP recovery works especially when you stay in front of the boss but having more players running with higher AP than you, you have to outdps them with dragontongue.

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