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All you gotta know about PVE BD updated guide


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the soul is definitely worth it for pve and pvp, depending on your spec u get bursty af.
for your soulshields, i highly recommend getting the 8 set msp first, as the 8 set bonus is just godly,
especially in combination with soulburn resets and the soul,
as u charge with flamming scourge up, stun or thunderslash, follow with storm cleave, get the reset from sb, use storm cleave again and with the toi badge for flaming scourge cd reduce by 1 second ur flaming scourge will be off cooldown inside of 10 seconds.
this will be some of the highest burst possible across the board for all classes.
for what comes after,
get the raven soulshield, but to effectively use the raven set, u will need a different toi badge, thunderslash reduces storm cleave cd by 18 seconds on hit.
This will guarantee the highest possible uptime on electric surge and still have a decent cooldown on flaming scourge.
why electric surge uptime?
because it gives u additional 15% crit dmg to the crit dmg u get from draw stance already, so all elemental dmg will be even better than before.
also upcoming for na, the divine dragon bracelet will give u 6 second buff after every thunderslah, during which first hit of lightning flash will do additional 315% dmg, this is not additional dmg, but rather additional base dmg modifier.
so ur highest burst and the highest burst ingame with bracelet then will be with warlock and blue buff flamming scourge, thunderslash, storm cleave, anicancel, sb reset, stom cleave again, anicancel and thunderslash again, till u run out of electric surge/ lightning focus, then lightnign draw...
with ur gear right now and just that bracelet plus sb and blue buff and msp 8 set, you should get to about 160k dps burst during soulburn, with max soul on top, this would be above 200k.
so for the near future, you should go for 8 set msp first, bt earing and ring, keep the flaming scourge cooldown reduce by 1 sec, leg neck and belt to 10,
then bracelet as soon as it comes out and keep upgrading weapon before u change to bt soulshields,

also upgrading bt ring and earing is more important than bt soulshield, 

also the new mystic badge, which adds 100% dmg on flicker crit plus 20% more crit dmg during electric surge, requires raven feathers.

by the time u will then have bt soulshield 8 set (only use it starting 8 set) you should have the storm cleave cd on thunder slash toi badge...and probably the vortex raid will already come out,
so u can combine the flaming scourge badge with the storm cleave badge plus mystic swift badge for flicker/electric surge.

Concerning your rotation, better use lightning dmg blade storm, as it gives u free 6 sec electric sourge 
and with about 30% additional lightning elemental dmg, will do the same amount as the wind version.
u just need to use it last in ur grab rotation and then adjust ur rotation to electric sourge management,

meaning, use ur skills in a manner that gives u the highest uptime on electric sourge and keep anicanceling....

an example rotation without sb reset and blue buff would be:

first thunderslash, then storm cleave, then lightning draw, thunderslash again, storm cleave again (ofc anicancel in between)...

after all this will be the first time where u will have about 9 seconds of no electric sourge, during which you could grab and get electric sourge that way.

also flaming scourge with the reduced cooldown will then line up nicely with each thunderslash use and stacks perfectly on top of electric surge uptime.

so it is possible to keep up electric sourge nearly 100% of the fight if the boss can be grabbed at the right timing.

therefore, wind dmg sunder and so on becomes only usefull for mob clears or a little aoe.

also na will very soon get the skill revamp with sunder and typhon becoming available as lightning dmg versions,

so more ele dmg there and some skills become wind or lightning exclusive,

so if u want to stick to lightning build, better get used to the lightning version of blade storm already.


sorry for the long wall of text, just a few things i noticed while watching ur video and yeah, i play bns tw, so here we already have vortex temple now and the skill revamp and i got all the skills and gear i talked about, went thru all the rotation optimizing and so on with each piece of new gear.

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