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On 2/26/2017 at 9:12 PM, MegaMouseGW said:

It has been proven tat using a SSD will NOT help with your load times. Yes it helps with your OS but will NOT help with gaming at all.

With good connection ssd always helps with loading any type of content. My girlfriend used to run bns on hdd and she was at least x5 times slower in loading screens. Since we moved her game on ssd there are almost no difference between my loading time and her loading time. To test this yourself try to run the game on hdd, record time and then try on ssd and come back to tell us that there is no difference.

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On 24.2.2017 at 11:37 AM, Hildegard said:

     I will start all-to access with me to present, I am called Vincent of pseudonym Hildegard, I am 29 years old, I am entrepreneur and I have been Gamer for 20 years in the respect of the world of the video games. I to create this topic to expose a problem to meet concerned to cause by the players called “noobs runners”.


     The “noobs runners” are players who do not have any respect for the other players like for the game in him even. They will never expect anybody before beginning the combat, will not help anybody, and will deal only with themselves. In keep they dodge the mobs directly in order to rusher the boss what are a total shame, and this concern not of burning a player with the flames while attacking before all the world is present. It is obvious that all players must respect the world of the video game and play with honor, that consequently implies to fight all the mobs of a keep before a boss, to expect all the member of a group before beginning the combat.


I go now quoted several points with a proposal for a solution to cure it:


- The loading concerned: Before beginning a keep or in the unfolding of this one there is portal of transfer of zone which requires or not a loading. The players who will undergo a loading will not be able to kill the mobs or even the following mini-boss because it will be finished has the end of his loading. It is already unthinkable not to expect the loading of another player but that especially when there are searches or it is necessary to kill a number of monster or other such as ensured/chechmate broken etcc. It can thus be necessary for these players to remake 2 to 3 times the keep in order to carry out its searches.



- Solution: To make so that no players can attack as long as all the world is not present in the zone of the combat.



- Dodged monsters: Never I will have been able to imagine to have to write that one day, but certain players does not even fight the mobs and rush only the boss. Besides being completely inadmissible it is nona total respect of the world of the gaming. And if a player “Proplayer” decides to only fight all his monsters it will not be expected by the others to see even insulting “toxic” by it is “noobs runners” which want to turn over the crime on us!!



- Solution: To establish the system of the doors which is before the boss for all the zone of mobs which does not open only all the mobs destroyed or only that the boss only once do not appear all the monster of the keep to eliminate!!!


- Guns concerned: This point join a little the previous point concerning the dodging of the engagements. Some will expect and use a gun to fight the mobs. I think in particular of Lycan in the necropoles but especially for the Core of the ruptures or it is necessary to be equipped with a gun to make turn the wheel. However a faith the turned wheel and the appeared monster it goes from either that all the true players “Proplayer” who respects themselves pose the gun then and starts the fight. But the noobs runners will directly dodge the combat while clicking with the gun. Besides being a scandal this kind of attitude rotted to it party and game in him even. Really no respect of the world of the video game once again!!


-Solution: To remove the guns which “One shot”!!!



- The dodging of zones of monsters in flight to plane: Here I refer has the Necropoles waked up, Port of sombresang, in which the noobs runners use the rocks or the cases to go up and be thrown in the air in order to fly over a zone of mobs completely. Then obviously it is a shame and nona respect of the video game but in more they will insult or defer the players “Proplayer” wanting to play the game or to make a search #Nécropole kill the famished giant and 30 mobs#!



- Solution: I would say well to remove the rocks or the case but that make party of the decoration and its will not prevent the players from thus running solution 2 that all the mobs is fought so that the doors open or that the boss appear.



      To summarize they are players who do not have any honor, no respect towards the world of the video game, which spends their time has to rot the game and take a malicious pleasure to put carryforwards on the “Proplayer” and to insult them whereas those just quietly fight the mobs like all Gamer worthy of this name #/giggle, Kid, Leecher, Toxic and I in passe#. It should be recalled that a “Proplayer” will be able to never validate a search if a mobs is to remain in life, that a boss has stay to kill with a rifle or without its presence or other and this same if the search are available because final boss are defeated. Not, we will have to remake the keep until it is to realize honourably to then validate the search… for those which says leecher they are rather all to oppose it! Simply make it have been able to think that a player “Proplayer” could validate a search if a mob remains in life shows well the mentality of shit of the noobs-runners!



     This kind of person will not have to even have the right to play! A final banishment of all games video of the world would be completely justified!! However NCsoft is a company which need of joeurs to thus function and earn money cannot be allowed to banish these players… Being me even entrepreneur I can only conceive it, however I find inadmissible that it is the “Proplayers” which has to undergo the plague of this kind of players.



In order to preserve all the community of Drunk Blade and, which is “Proplayer” or “nooob- runners” I propose to establish all simply concerned a new session keep proplayer. Thus the “noobs runners” will have the current session of keep #F8# with any restriction and the “Proplayer” will have another session of game with same the keeps but with the corrective measures to bring. Thus “Proplayer” and “noobs runners” could play each one of their with dimensions their part respective without polluting the other and all the world would be content. That will also limit the problems of insults and inopportune report.



     To conclude if you are of agreement with the solutions which I suggest that you are “Proplayer” or “Noobs-runners” thank you to announce it in this topic or by e-mail to the support so that the modifications concerned is brought. I thank you for your devoted time has to read me, and the expression of my most sincere greetings asks you to approve (No for the noobs-runners).


PS: I point out my pseudonyms of character concerned: Lord-Morwën, Destroy-Shad, Killer-Shadow. I play primarily on Lord-Morwën. For all the noobs-runners, if you see one of these pseudonym concerned mercy to kick me or not to join my parts, never I will not play with you I sincerely prefer to die THANK YOU!!!!

Lord Morwën is that you? Thenking

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