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Scorpio razor or tormented razor

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Does the drop for this is bugged? All the time from awakened or lair if something scorpio or tormented drops its for every other class then warlock which im playing with :( Srsly I did like already 60-70 runs of awakened and maybe 10 of yeti and lair. I've had almost every scropio/tormented weapons, but not the one for warlock. Is it normal? 

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It's mental.  I can say the same thing, I see everything but Tormented Sword.  Just keep running it until you get it, or better yet, keep a tormented weapon chest and then continually farm the dungeon (and other dailies) and opening any extra tormented chests for a chance to get the weapon.  The gold you get from bids and dailies, you can save to get a Silverfrost Key.  If you didn't get the weapon yet by the time you have enough money, then at least you have one box and buy the key to open it.  If you happen to get the weapon before you saved up the money for the key, then now you have some extra money for upgrading.

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