Why isn't a Destroyer a Real Tanking Class

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   This is a simple question, one that has kept me from really diving off into any real raids/Dungeons.  There isn't a tanking class in this game.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that there are not classes that could tank, but a real tank, nope, there isn't one.  I would like to see a Destroyer have a strong Threat generator and have the defenses to take the damage a real tank has to take.  I have played MMOs from the time they first came out.  I was a Warrior tank and once the DKs came out, switched to that class.  I have been a Pally on another game and so on.  I like tanking, however, even with the strongest builds I have seen, no class is a real tank.  The Destroyer class is just screaming tanking class to me and it's a shame to feel like a class like this is just being wasted.

    I know that it's a stretch to see things my way but I watch BDs and FMs die a lot in Dungeons because when they pull aggro, they can't survive the assault that comes with it.  A destroyer should have a damage reduction and be given a very high threat rating in my opinion.  Having and actual tanking class makes games that require teaming far more fun for me and many of my friends (several of which came to try the game out and left after they went through Tomb of Exiles saying that the mechanics and class design wasn't going to work for them)

   I am wanting feedback on this idea as I really have no idea how the rest of the games Community would feel about such a change.  I only know what I would like to see and therefor am asking for your opinions as well. 


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