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Returning players lf clan/ like minded players

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Hey me and friend decided to come back to blade and soul about a month and half ago now and have been trying to find a clan that feels good.

We both live in UK and mainly play 6pm after work. Both have around 625 ap and are starting to find it hard to get party's for the next tier content ebon citadel,tomb partys even know we watched mechanics etc. We are really keen to get back into the game and having a blast so far just starting to get hard with just us 

We are looking or a clan/people that does:

Daily's and other instances 

PVE/P we dont mind doing bit of both 

Talk on a disord,ts etc 

Friendly not too hardcore 

If you are the place for us then add us Reckz(SF) and Taunie(BD)

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