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Hi guys (and girls),


lately i passed a lot of time searching for Blade & Soul informations. I don't talk about only "tech info" like could be stats of items and soulshields but even about the story, the lore and the main characters of the game.


I know that for some of you the story didn't like but i'm not here to talk about it. I'd like it and i wanted to know more, so i started my research.


I found out that there aren't so many info about the game in general, i mean there are a couple of wiki but they talk more in general. There's even some spritesheet on GoogleDrive that have all the spec for more important accessory and soulshield (thanks a lot for the author / authors). There's even some sites with very interesting guides for raid and dungeons (thanks guys for your hard work!). 


So you're thinking, what are you complaining about ? What's your goal ?


First of all i'm not complaining at all, i only want to share a thought and know, you, the community of Blade & Soul what you think about this. I'd like to have some thought from the Community Manager if someone will read this.


So let's go back on topic, i was saying that there's some interesting info around the web by they're always fanmade works (that it's not bad, i'd love fanmade don't hate me for this) and don't cover all the aspects of the game like more info on the lore, characters and even the "tech info" could be sometimes wrong.


Then i found out that Korean version has an amazing official wiki, with a lot of descriptions and images about all aspects of the game, even comics and story about some characters, and i feel happy and sad at the same time! Happy because it would mean that there are a lot of official resources available! Sad because probably here in the west (NA / EU) we'll never see that translated.

(Here the link if someone want to check,


So what i wanted to ask is: will you be interesting in having a similar resource website even for the West version of the game ? Or is something useless or not interested for you ?


For me it would be wonderful to have a huge sites with a lot of info about the lore, characters, images, a wardrobe that you can check online, an official armory for all items, soulshields, quest line and so on.


Let me know what you think about it, i really want to know your opinion about this!


P.S.: And if there's some community manager listen please let us know if there are any plans to bring even in NA / EU some of the resources that KR/CN/JP has :D


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Some of the comics have been translated to english (, NCSoft just haven't really advertised it. It updates regularly, don't worry about that, we just haven't gotten all the comics yet. As for the other stuff, there is the Blade & Soul wiki, but I don't know how actively it is updated. There is also other fan-based sites like Bnstree (skill tree) and Bnscoffee, for calculating the cost for gear and help you progress. There are also a bunch of fan-sites for out-of-game marketplace, complete overviews for gear progression, etc. Blade and Soul Dojo and Blade and Soul RP has stuff on the characters and lore.

I know that isn't exactly what you asked for, and I agree with you completely that something official, similar to the kr wiki would be nice to have. But there are tons of info online, even if it's not "official"; you just have to look for it. NCSoft should definitely make what they already have (like the comics) more accessible though. 


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