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nodahs fps tweak guide could actually help u all

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Oh well, kinda funny how everyone claims to have found the holy grail to suddenly triple the FPS in this game. Spoiler: It ain´t gonna happen, unless your system was horribly configured beforehand.

The UE3 engine is old and way too heavily CPU dependent, it was designed for FPS in the first place and never meant to display as many actors as an mmo does.


For those tips:

Nothing new there. You ain´t gonna turn your cheapskate PC into a blazing gaming monster with some tools. It ain´t gonna happen. And this game is CPU single core-demanding as heck. Period.


-Unparking cores - simply set windows energy management to maximum performance and you´ll have the same effect. Don´t need an extra, potentially shady tool for this.


-Nvidia settings - should do close to nothing. What will help however with notebooks is setting the driver to always use the high performance GPU as BnS stubbornly runs the first system GPU which is usually the atrocious Intel device in mobiles.


-client.exe @high priority - should only help insofar that the user believes to have done something useful... Windows manages this correctly in more than 99% of the cases...


-VPN - not gonna raise FPS...



My Bns optimization tips:

1. Get an Intel i5k or i7k CPU and overclock it (it´s super easy nowadays), even older ones like the Sandy Bridge generation will be perfect. AMD users however are out of luck currently with this game, no way around it.

2. Don´t bloat your system with useless software (2 Antivirus, Adobe suite and 10 other "services"...)

3. Use Windows 7 !


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