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game lagged on last patch

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1 hour ago, Maximus5 said:

The lag is from the patch trying  to  force the new build  to work with GameGuard, trust me, it's still active! Look for GameMon.des*32 in the Processes section of the Task Manager...

nope, is not there,only client.exe


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On 2/13/2017 at 10:51 PM, RyuueLaview said:

I was just about to say!js2lgim.jpg

But I also wanted to add: I FINALLY got 64bit running after it kept terminating. What I did was -I followed this savior's instructions: [

from this post]


  • uninstall BnS
  • downloaded the NC-LauncherSetup/ I think installing from the bns_lite_installer works too once you've uninstalled bns and the launcher. That also prompted the launcher install followed by the game install.
  • I let that run and then this install of the client FINALLY began installing the launcher FIRST and then the GAME.
  • For some reason the 3 times I tried to reinstall BnS this did NOT happen(???!!!?!??!)
  • Apparently it seems to happen when the launcher is installed ...separately or out of order from the client? Before when I reinstalled I noticed that the shortcut the install made could not refer to the launcher.exe because it didn't exist/wasn't installed.
  • Finally runs now. But still runs worse than the 32bit >_> with the -useallavailablecores input in launcher shortcut

Wonder if Gamemon.des[32] has anything to do with that

I see the gamemon.des*32 as well.

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Not sure if by lag, you mean low FPS, because that's what I've been experiencing (11-17FPS in server// 7-11FPS in F8). Also, to top it off, the game crashes once every hour or so. Makes game almost unplayable (haven't been able to complete DCs Thursday...)


If anyone had the same problem and managed to fix it, please let me know.

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i dont have problem with other games, after the last patch here, im having big problems with skill delay, not fps drop, my fps is 30-40,the game have some problem with this junk patch, that for me is useless, poor content,unstable conection,with any other games on steam,no lag or delay problems, ONLY in blade and soul,so the problems is not here, is there,on game server


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