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Game crashing at character screen


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I have installed the new BnS update very recently and was very eager to play it, though to my suprise, when I reached the character selection screen, it displayed the animation of my character's class(Jin Kung Fu Master, Female, this is the only one that I see causes the game to close), then closed and asked me to send a blank report. I sent it and tried selecting my cahracter, yet I could not due to my game continuously crashing.

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@Kirakishou I can't personally help but I found this on another thread. Hope it helps lmao 

On March 31, 2017 at 6:56 AM, Windy said:

      Make sure you are starting the client in the 32 bit mode.The default is 64 bit .You can change that from Settings in your launcher.If this does not help,disable the 3rd party software to start with Windows.
Some Razer software sometimes can cause conflicts also.
     Update your drivers .
    To prevent the 3rd party programs to start with Windows :
Press and hold the Windows key and then hit the R key. This should bring up the Run dialog box.
Type ""MSCONFIG"" without the quotes, and click ""OK."" This should open the System Configuration Utility.
Click on the ""Services"" tab and check the ""Hide All Microsoft Services"" check box near the bottom, then click the ""Disable All"" button. (You MUST click ""Hide all Microsoft Services"")
Next go to the ""Startup"" tab and click the ""Disable All"" button.
Once these items are all disabled, click the ""OK"" button and you will get a prompt to restart your computer. Restart your computer.


     You might want clean up Winsock entries after you restarted your PC.
Click the ""Start"" button to bring up the Start Menu.
Type in CMD into the ""Search programs and files"" field but do not hit enter. Doing this will change your start menu to show the program ""cmd.exe.""
Right-click on ""cmd.exe"" and select ""Run as Administrator.""
 type ""netsh winsock reset"" without the quotes.You should see a confirmation after this.

After all done ,try to run the game in administrator mode .


    If none of those works ,submit a ticket.Good luck :)


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