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Leveling build?


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I've been thinking about trying to level a FM, but I need advice for a leveling build, since I suck at things like this. The links for builds listed tend to not work, so I'm asking here.


Mind, while I do know what people might mean with RMB and LMB, I have absolutely no idea what HM11 and such means. (HM = Hongmoon, I guess, bt the 11? No clue.)


So, some small details on the side would be nice as well...

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HM11 = Hongmoon level 11, Hongmoon levels come after the level cap (50)


As for a core build for leveling:

Burning Soul

Tier 3 Stage 2 - LMB

Tier 2 Stage 1 or 3 - Dragonchar / Blazing Beam (2)

Stage 2 or Stage 3 - Impact / Force Blast (3)

Tier 3 Stage 2 RMB for DPS -OR- Tier 2 Stage 1 for root spam

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