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remove pvp from daily challenge...


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can we replace pvp with others quest? like zaiwei ruins or others...the reason i ask this because sometimes when u trying the purple dg for dc example like nexus and keep failing because of the 1st boss since still many players didnt know how to use their cc in the right time...and pvp for me its like impossible to win even 1 time since the opponent i meet all like having 100% resist in the whole fight...every attack skill i use all getting resisted make me feel like frustrated since ppl said in arena its about attack skill..ap and eq not counted right?

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1) I am one of the players who enjoys both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game.

2) In fact, some days it is easier for me to win a duel or tag match and in far less time than it takes for me to do a dungeon.

3) Beluga and whirlwind as dailies means that I can get a 6v6 match. 


It is in my mind a bit selfish to ask for the removal of the PvP from dailies. If you had said add more PvE options that would be cool. Especially options that would allow lower level players to complete dailies as well. 


I do support the reintegrating Zaiwei ruins into the rotation for dailies BUT PvP has to stay. This game is part PvP part PvE, not PvE Only!

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