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chocolate heart

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getting this chocolate hearts depending on ur luck aka rng right? so im wondering if rng not by ur side and keep getting 1 chocolate everyday...do we had a chance to redeem that gem? (sorry i dont know how long this event will last tho) that why im asking this...

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When you click on the item details in F10 you can see if an item can be purchased more then once per account e.g. the new starter and duelist bundles (oh how many props can I give for this update) are once per account only.


As for:

3 minutes ago, Buckethead said:

I do not know, why Koreans love this rng sh....t and why we do have to implement it, even into events...

I would take this event even If I do not get the AP gem (cmon man 3AP?, not gonna be losing sleep over 3AP) just because I do not have to dungeon grind to get the chocolates. I welcome this system. Do not get me wrong, I am no fan of mmo RNG systems (over 40 kills on bears to get golden honey....thanks so much to random player who helped me grind them) but in this instance it seems the crit rate on the 10 chocolate bundle is actually quite reasonable.

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From what I've been seeing on the forums (and my 2 characters), the crit rate is around 50%.

  • Assuming the crit rate is indeed 50%, then the chances of getting 0 crits is 1 out of 2,000,000.
  • Even if we assume the crit rate is 33%, then the chances of getting 0 crits is 3 out of 20,000.

Thus, there's a VERY low chance of not being able to get the gem. But if you honestly think you will have bad luck, then here's the best solution: do the event on ALL your alts, and hope AT LEAST one of them gets 60 chocolates (REMEMBER: the gem is BOUND TO ACCOUNT).


Good luck!

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stuff :3
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12 minutes ago, Inzho said:

Ah nice didn't even realise its account bound.

Yeah which is nice if you have 3+ alts, since you can potentially earn 3+ gems (for heptagonals...even though they are crazy expensive for us normal players x'D) 

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you need it to crit 4 times out of 21. so basically 1 every 5 tries. so far out of 4 alts i got 1 crit but im having more luck with the outfit since now 3 out of 4 characters have gotten it. im keeping it for the female gon character not the male since on males it looks like hot garbage.

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