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THE DAMN tormented weapon drop rate

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I was so happy for the new patch becouse i knew i had all the material for the upgraded weapon,but guess what...i forgot i had no tormented bracers...so at 5:40ish i started to farm yeti.....now its 10:25...and the damn weapon still didnt drop...70%of the time no box at all.and the rest of 30% bullcrapT_T...what is with this drop rate man?feel like i didnt do anything all day.no gold,no dailies...no weapon...Stupid rng T_T,hate this game sometime.

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Yeah, make sure you do 4-man for an added increase in the chance to get it.  Your best bet is to keep farming the dungeons but keep one tormented weapon chest and leave it to the side.  And continue to farm the dungeons for gold and chances for more boxes.  Once you reach enough gold to buy the key, then go ahead and buy the silverfrost key to open that box that you kept to the side.  If you got your weapon before you reached enough gold, then now you have extra gold.


Don't lose hope and keep striving :).

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