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Returning player lvl 50

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I just saw the streamlining weapon/accessories announcement for the next update... and I have to say it makes me be kinda worried.

I m a fresh lvl 50, just got awakened infernal accessories (I should be going for pirates as of now) and using the oathbreaker belt + bracelet u get from main quest... coz I have nothing else for now.

So what should I do? how will it work? will I be screwed for being 50 already and not being able to pick new access + belt/bracelet from quests? 

It might be clear for some... but it s for sure not for me!


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" The accessory path changes only impact new characters, who will see a change in the items they receive. New users will obtain the new Sterling/Ivorymoon accessories through epic quests, while existing characters will keep their current accessories. Existing characters can also acquire the new Ivorymoon accessories from the Silverfrost Valor Stone Trader NPC in Grand Harvest Square for 10 Silverfrost Valor Stones each.


Finally, some of the existing accessories are going to have their stats and drop locations updated. If you currently own some of these accessories, you may want to hold onto them as they are going to receive a significant power buff:"


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