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Log-In Error: Something went wrong on our end

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When I try to log into the game site using my other account I got directed to another NCSoft login site (LinageII/Wildstar) with an error message saying "Something went wrong on our end.  Please try again in a few minutes"  Anyone have this problem?  I am able to log into BNS client to go into the game.  However, unable to log into game site does not allow me to purchase or recharge any NCcoins.

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I did that and just tried again a moment ago.  It still redirected me to the Wildstar page with the same message.

I did not create any Wildstar/LinageII profile.  Just been playing BNS.

By the way, I also tried to log in using other computers as well.

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Sorry to hear about your ongoing login issues. If you are unable to submit a ticket through our website, please send your ticket by email, using the mail associated with your NCSOFT account, to support@bladeandsoul.com. 


Thank you!

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