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What is your favorite class to play?

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Blade dancer simply because I like that it felt mobile. Mostly because I played it as such and being small overall. Unlike a number of people, I use to move a lot when attacking. Using draw stance while constantly strafing around, jumping and using the 1st tree of lightning strike. So I was literally zipping around the field. Also back then I use to spec for mostly resist skills so it was fun zipping and not being hit at all because of it. I felt like a little ball of lightning or furball furry. Don't do it much anymore though but the fun is still there if need be. Plus I just recentlyish decided to try bladeguard again and it has been a nice experience. 

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Warlock. And I want to try the gunner. I love the wl because of the spoopy theme and the fact that youre ranged and can block. I like the way they do dmg too for some reason. I somehow really learned to love being a cooldown master. Although the learning curve was high for me and incredibly frustrating. On top of that going from ice build to helix. x.x;; 

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KFM because i made her first thing when this game came out and i have stuck with her till now


maybe i should try the BM this 8th seems like a great opportunity to make alts then...


even then KFM For Life


if u guys wanna play someday im on Yunwa IGN: same as my Forum one :P

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Hardest PvP class even harder than my KFM. It's the reason why I like FM pvp it's rly challenging.

PvE as a FM is top tier. Party iframes, enough mobility and posibility to tank most bosses (not Lavabiter I guess). I've been able to tank up till Zakhan and DT bosses by now. Dps is neat and rotation not boring (like fire bms 1 button hero) and I feel like I have more control about groups and carring ppl is easier than with my KFM (also attack animations from FM are smoother than KFM).

All in one this class feels most natural to play for me so I changed from a tank main to DD player but I still like standing close to bosses as ranged to not get bored out.

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I have 4 characters which are my favourite classes

Force Master (my  main AP 600+ ) Blade master (at I'm currently leveling up)

Warlock (just created her. Fighting mobs looks like overkill even without 28AP gem)

Soul fighter (lv 29. Stuck at viridian. Leveled her through event dungeons?. Now too lazy to continue leveling her. I like the class but doing story quests in viridian coast at lv29...sounds SUPER boring)



Used to have destroyer but...realised that I don't like the class

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I can't really say for most classes, because I'm not experienced in them quite yet ( I do enjoy soul fighter, but Im not at the level where I use all my skills and become effective yet).


I'd say I enjoy the two classes I DO know how to play, Warlock and Blade master, quite equally. There's a certain charm to both of them that doesn't really uptake each other.

Warlock is just power, raw power; and you can feel it when you send wave after wave of countless shadow dragons to obliterate everything.

Blade master is just what I want from a sword user in any game. If I want to do the slash, sheathe, and death thing you'd see in an exaggerated anime or something (see: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/YouAreAlreadyDead), I can TOTALLY do that with the right setup! BM's flexibility allows for one thing half the classes seem to lack, and that's style.

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