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Launcher low/incorrect download speed

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So I am really frustrated that NCSoft is doing NOTHING regarding their launcher issues. I reported them in email few weeks ago that there is an issue with downloading game client! (there are topics about same issues even during f2p launch). The launcher shows download speed do not match resource monitor or any other tool's shown download speed.


For example. Today I reinstalled windows, I had some copy of BnS client which was downloaded about a month ago. So if we count all the updates which came during this period was only about 1 GB size, but my launcher shows that 4GB files are needed to download.... anyway....


The fun begins here. Download speed is not matching at all the actual download speed shown in resource monitor or netlimiter or any other 3rd software which allows to see you internet connection speeds.


Take a look: http://imgur.com/4B6BJFg


In 20 mins NCSoft launcher shows that I downloaded only 340 MB of patch size, but folder says that I downloaded 1.2 GB size of files. 


NCSoft launcher download speed is very inconsistent and shows very low download speed (jumps from 1mb/s to 20kb/s all the time), meanwhile windows source monitor and Netlimiter shows that launcher actually is using FULL DOWNLOAD SPEED.


With this launcher error, the 4GB update size will be downloaded only in like 4-5 hours, while I should download JUST IN 1 HOUR!.


And most annoying thing that NCSoft is doing nothing! I contact them, they ask me do this and this... I did all what they wanted and it has same issue 3 weeks later...


I will also tell you that when I was actually downloading game client about a month ago, recourse manager showed that I actually downloaded about 50GB of files from NCSoft launcher...




I think ncsoft uses non persitent http connections, so after each file is done downloading it back back in speed. Because of this you always see download speed jumping from max to 0. And it continues with each file you download. It extent download time and is super annoying.... AND NCSOFT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!


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Well what can i say took me 3 days to dl game files + all updates, what goes for support then well i get they try to be helpful but they should read content you send them more carefully. hopefully new 64 bit client will fix things and make game maby lag less bcs cant find a single spot for stable fps anymore.

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