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Returning Players.

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   It's been six months since I have played Blade and Soul. I am thinking of coming back because I miss the game, visuals and my characters. Is NCSoft still offering return care packages that will allow people to catch up to the current weapon/item paths?


Thank you for you time,


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I think the previous return packages have not been continued. However, upgrade cost have been strongly reduced, survey and quest rewards (especially exp) strongly increased in the last half year, and currently there is a +50% quest exp event running anyway.


That said, in a few weeks to a month, they are going to revamp the whole starting up process anyway. You will not have to do any weapon upgrading at all anymore before Silverfrost, the story-line will just hand you better gear regularly. Existing gear will be smoothly integrated into the new system in that you get a slightly better weapon  by salvaging your old weapon path weapon.


Skill system will also be revamped, with skill points gone - you only need to chose the skill specializations then, there will not be any "no skill points" weak version. However, the Hongmoon skills as especially strong versions will remain.

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