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cant see the skills animations..

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after the aneversary update i cant see the skill animations effects in duel arena or other dungeons of other players.

my setting is always the same it is set to optimise for combat and reolution 640 and i play in window mode..please help..

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I have the same problem.


It started for me when I went into tag arena last week, before the big update. Before entering the arena, I had no problems seeing skill effects in dungeons and I changed nothing before entering tag.  The tag arena triggered the problem.


I messed with my graphics settings over several days and suddenly I logged in one day and the problem was gone. I could see all attack effects in dungeons, open world, and 1v1 arena. I don't know what fixed it. 


But the next time I entered tag, the problem happened again exactly the same.


I can see other players' body animations and any effects with a direct change to the body appearance (frozen, etc). I can also see the few AOE warnings like the one for heatwave. But I cannot see the actual flames of heatwave or any other attack effect. No FM veil (either bubble or snowflake), no WL attacks, cannot see BD's blade shield, if I'm being meteor'ed, sin's smoke, sum's petals, ect. It's pretty challenging in PVP when you have to rely on basic animation to try to figure out what they're doing and then I don't know which spec when it can vary ;;


I can see mob/npc/boss effects just fine. It's only other players, in all places.


I don't run optimize for combat, I do play windowed but larger. I normally arena with minimal graphics settings and have never had this problem before. Bumping up all of my graphics settings does not fix this.

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