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Race Change?

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How does that work? Like does that cover a class change as well? I want to change the class of my character but I only see a race change. Like if you're a sum or a des, you can't change your race unless you change your class. Just curious because I don't want to get it on the assumption that it does class as well. Thank you for any responses.

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Race Change only covers Race + Character alteration. But keep in mind, you cannot race change if you're a class that the race you want to change to does not have.

I.E: Changing from Lyn Summoner to Gon is not possible. But changing from Gon Force Master to Yun is possible.


There's no class change voucher.

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On 1/19/2017 at 10:26 PM, NightFer said:

Class change tickets will not be made for bns because its so darn easy to lvlup a new character nowardays.

It's not so much the ease of the level that is problem with just making a new character, but the amount of farming needed just to have half of the outfits, items and gear again, not to mention the fact that some things aren't just character bound but only accessibly in limited time events. There is also the fact that it takes up an extra character slot, and makes you unable to reuse your name unless you delete your prev character, which would be a waste of all the investments you had put on them....


Question is, why should it be necessary to do all these extra things, when they could just make a race change voucher that actually works and/or a class change voucher that can be used alongside it as well as on it's own? NC Soft certainly would gain more if players went to buy class change + race change than if they simply went with the free option of starting from scratch with a new character... Which is something nobody except new/returning players exactly likes, but will still resort to when the alternate option either doesn't exist or is too expensive.

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