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Can't transmute Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond?

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The one you craft can't be transmuted?  Only Sparkling HONGMOON Hexagonal Diamonds can be transmuted. So, you have to get the 160 coins for the right diamond, and then another 240 to transmute it. Yea, doesn't seem worth it.  Any idea why the ones that you craft can't be transmuted?

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1 hour ago, NineArt said:

Well i suppose its a barrier? I mean so many people have 35 AP gem and to allow the upgrade to the next tier so easily wouldn't be such a great thing.

Was there another way to get the 35 AP Hongmoon diamond? I only thought you could craft it, and then it wouldnt be the Hongmoon one.

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3 hours ago, Fufia said:

craft? what? Work to be rewarded? no not in this game.

pay or cry

It was the best diamond gem for a year lol. If you crafted it you were very well rewarded because those things never went for cheap.
Aside form that, you can get the hm one for FREE. Running dungeons is work, getting coins to get the gem is your reward. Even if you just bought all the bundles, its not enough to even get you hexa gem.

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13 hours ago, Xiaoyen said:

Having to remake something you already own did seem annoying to me. I am not sure 5 AP is worth 400 anniversary coins considering there are other things you can buy.

It depends on your POV, it's an "Account Bound" item, that you can use on an alt character to boost it's stats when lvling up... But if you don't have a Soul Energy at Stage 6, i would suggest you getting Sacred Oil to upgrade it, cause it's worth too.

i'm doing the event with my main and 1 alt, on alt i plan to transmute 40AP Gem, on my alt i'll get like 5 Oils(counting with Bundle plus 3 times daily dash completed already :P)


It's up to you, for me, it trully worth the 40AP Gem, so does the Sacred Oil or even Forging Orb.

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