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Unable to Open Game


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Hi there. Currently working with support through email but nothing is working so I thought I'd try here as well from the player base. When I click on Blade & Soul it asks if I accept changes, I say yes. It takes me to NCLauncher's file location on my computer. I open Launcher, asks if I accept changes, I say yes. It goes back to file location and nothing opens.


Email support has had me try the following: I already tried reinstalling game and launcher. I have done something called DxDiag and HiJack This with a logfile. I have also stopped services and startup processes through CMD Prompt and also done something called netsh winsock with a logfile. I have tried running as administrator as well. Nothing is working. I am currently awaiting response from email support about the winsock and secondary hijack this logfile after winsock.


While I am currently being helped out by the email support; if any player could potentially help me out I would appreciate it as well. Thank you all for the help.

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