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Is Soul Fighter Worth It?


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Yet another returning player here ;)

I was a Lv 50 HM 6 FM but it's been about 8 months so I thought a re-roll would be better for me since I need to relearn it all now ?

I love the idea of Soul Fighter, starting ranged then switching up melee when they close the distance suits my play style well but reading this section doesn't exactly fill me with confidence about the class ?

So is Soul Fighter worth it or am I better off with FM?

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All classes, in the end, is about your playstyle. I've played them all, and my personal favorite is BD, followed by WL. SF is pretty low on my preferences, mostly because I find the rotation (ice build) rather boring, almost as boring as dragontongue on BM.


I'm not sure how other SF players start the fight, I usually start with elemental stance and switch to martial stance when cold snap is on CD in elemental, then switch back to elemental when cold snap is off cooldown. This doesn't work well with a warlock in the group however, as you get no benefit from soulburn in elemental stance, and most warlocks open with soulburn...


Fire FM is pretty similar to earth SF (though I have yet to see an earth SF in actual combat :/ ), while ice FM is pretty similar to ice SF. If you enjoyed FM, chances are high you'll enjoy SF, just remember that SF is mostly melee, you won't be staying in elemental stance for long.


I'd say, give it a chance if you think the playstyle would suit you. There is no class that "isn't worth it" in this game, it just boils down to which one you prefer playing the most.

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sf is worth it, and with lvl 55 changes even more so,


but yeah, with wl in grp, stack 3 dragons quick in melee range, then use focus chi for some nice burst,


without wl start in fm stance and earth sf will get stronger with new patches and skill changes


also earth is the pvp build kinda, is a hell of fun, if u know how to use it.

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my first 50 was a WL. hated it. its lack of iframes and general clunkiness in combat wasn't fun. then i leveled an assassin to 50. pain in the ass class. constantly getting knocked out of stealth and trying to restealth screws your dps. but sf is a dream. good combat with the ability to switch from big damage melee to slightly less damage at range, lots of cc options and more iframes than you even need.

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WL have 3 iframes (though I don't use the one you have to spec) and SS have a very low cooldown now compared to when it came out (like 8 or 9 seconds) and it resets CD of wingstorm and dragoncall on resist. Before the SS buff, I definitely agree with you though, 3 iframes with 36 seconds cooldown minimum, it was a huge pain in the ass to go cold storage especially... now though, your SS is up almost every time you need it, and if it isn't, you can just use one of the other iframes, I even iframe into random attacks with SS sometimes.

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Thanks for the input all :D


I was a little worried after reading some threads with some saying Soul Fighter wasn't wanted/needed in higher dungeons due to lack of party buffs?


But I've basically said 'Bugger it' and playing it since I'm playing for me and no one else anyway :P 


The Ranged melee switch is a dream. If they're not down before they reach me they soon will be!

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I'm playing as Soul Fighter and I'm currently level 45 right now. I find the class to be really fun cause it offers both melee and range attacks. It's a well rounded class that can handle just about anything.


I would think even Soul Fighter would be useful in higher dungeons. If you spent points in the skill 'Chi Burst' it can recover a good amount of health for the other party members. It can also resurrect party members too.

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Currently SF is not really viable !

Im SF myself ( quit well geared) and i must say our class in current build is really not that great, Anything a SF can do a other class can do better on same gear lvl.

Tank. Kfm/Bm..we d be super tanks if we just had aggro buff...

Dps: better get Sin,Fm,Wl (especially in bursty shorter fights)

Dmg support: Sin,kfm and Wl  ofc blue/sb buff.

Def support: Sum (same heal + better overall utility) FM (ranged protect + freeze) and even bm/bd with hm block is better then the heal

Only in fights where grab doesnt work bd/des is worse but since there is no such dungeon where all bosses are immun overall their support is better.


i ve seen its gettin better with further patches but sf remains pretty much bottom in viable grp setups.

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Soul fighter isn't top DPS, it isn't top healer, it isn't top support buff, and definately not top PvP class. If you can handle being jack of all trades, master of none middle child of BnS, then yes it's worth it. 


1. You can't tank, but can block/counter in a pinch to keep from dying or counter boss attacks (Asura fireball)

2. You're not a healer but can keep entire team HP topped off by spamming Chi heal every 30sec

3. You're not a buff support class, but Chi heal can also restore all the group's focus

4. You're not top melee DPS but with right spec & skills can keep DPS up when needing to go ranged

5. You're not top ranged DPS but have respectable AOE damage

6. You're not top PvP class but have the most iframes and hellacious spike damage plus decent self healing

7. Soul Fighter doesn't provide Soul burn, blue buff, or healing buff, but does have full health battle rez

8. Soul Fighter doesn't have any awesome debuffs, but can spec to provide double Daze, double Knockdown, & double Stun

9 Soul Fighter can't rapidly solo dungeons like an Assassin with stealth can, but can still solo dungeon content

10. Soul Fighter can't protect team mates from mistakes of no iframe like Force Masters can, but you can help them out with plenty of Cc


I have a lot of fun with my Soul Fighter - just realize that if you're that guy that has to be top 2 dps, or irreplaceable / must have for a raid or dungeon, this is not the class for you.

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and there u r wrong, u cant do upcoming vortex temple without having at least 2 soulfighter :P

also pvp, sf is one of the strongest classes in pvp, anyone who says otherwise, dont know how to sf, or dont have all hm skills,

sf cc lockdown can be quite evil and during that the burst dmg is very nice and u got the tools to counter any class...not just once, but continuously


also to compensate the party iframe, chi burst, our heals, has not only 100% focus and the heal component, but also 10 sec 200% increased def, which for most classes means, that u can facetank for example zahkan marking mechanic without stealth or deso first boss aoe with just that def increase plus the heals over time and still be alive and near full hp, sure not as efficient as an iframe, but has its uses and shines when all other things r on cd 


as for dps, sf can have quite deadly dps, problem with sf and current gear compared to other classes, sf scales with low gear quite nicely, mid lvl gear, sf hits a wall dps wise and its getting increasingly harder to get any dps gain even with 50 or more ap increases, but then come the bracelet, bt juwelry and raven wep procs and badges along and sf jumps in dps more than some of the other classes in comparisson


sf gets a lot of prejudice, even from sf players, cause the community thinks sf is not that good or not needed,

sure in a perfect dps world, u might not need sf, but sf can cc like a lbm, heal better than a sum (hm skill required :P ) and has its other uses, that make runs faster and easier, cause u can skip certain mechanics ( bt 3rd boss anyone? ) 

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Since I am not really concerned about the endgame raid world, I cannot comment on that, but in PvP the Soul Fighter is definitely top tier if you put in as much effort as the Koreans.


Not only was the current 1v1 world champion (Kim Sunkyeom) an SF player, but also both the 3v3 World champion team (GC Busan) and 2nd place world champion team (Winner) had an SF in their team composition. It's an extremely versatile class and has very high potential. It just needs a high effort to put in to master it, PvP wise.


I recently started a fresh SF alt and while I love it, even the thought of managing four Q/Es and two SSs to best potential in PvP makes me dizzy. :D

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vortex temple u got asura bosses, they will grab tank at one point, during which tank needs at least 160k hp plus 30% hp buff from sf to survive, the grab can not be ice sheath or any other pt iframe, as the boss does "true" dmg to tank, meaning def also wont work either


ps: its a fire and an ice asura, so 2 tanks means 2 sf's needed

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