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I found a fix for the bug that make FM bangle disappear!


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I was going to put it on general discussion, but though this would be more convenient here since it is a bug...

This error started on BSH patch (at least for me and the majority of the FM I know), to fix it till now (Not permanent) I used to change costume and put the one I want to use again, but to make it not disappear at all, you have to put on the Options/Graphics/Advanced Settings menu:


Apply to all -> 5.

It doesn't matter if you low everything else later, but that one must be on 5. It fixes passive orbs too and others effects.


I'm really sorry if something like that was posted before, but I didn't find something like that on this forum and others and wanted to share it for those like me that like their bangle to appear, even more if you payed a wep skin for it :P


(Aaaand, sorry my english too.)


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